Wednesday, March 23, 2011

song of the moment:

i used to end every blog post with a 'song of the moment' which sometimes was there because it inspired me in someway was super catchy and i couldn't get it out of my head...or (most of the time) i hoped you'd listen to it and my message would get across to you from a different medium...

lately i've been working hard on my upcoming's not my first...not alone...last summer was a way to see that i can do this...but now this one is for all the people that couldn't (didn't know about) make it...i don't want to display a product...i want to display me...all the songs that have been picked have been picked for a reason...

so a song of the moment is hard to pick...but i think for right's the one i can't play

Song of the Moment: Don't let the sun go down on me by George Michaels and Elton John


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