Monday, February 22, 2010

forgot how much i love fantasy...

no not that kind of sister reads this...but fantasy books...and it's weird cuz what's the only thing added to the world...magic...but magic seems to do a lot to a story...i don't know what it is...but there is something about fantasy story writing that just makes the story 'pop'...out of the page and prejecting fluid images that i almost feel like i'm a part

and now i'm not saying that i dislike the other forms of writing cuz i read all of them...well harlequin romance yet...but something fantasy speaks to me in a way the others cant...and i don't think it's jsut cuz of the geeky side of me either

talk to you tomorrow


Blogger Lauren said...

no, i agree. for me, it's that i read to escape my world, and fantasy is just SO different from the our real world. it is this completely distinct world that captures me and pulls me in like nothing else. it allows you to experience things that aren't possible anywhere else. it's an escape like no other.

9:38 PM, February 22, 2010  

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