Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reasons I Love Canada

1)Cuz there is no part of the land that isn't pretty at least one time of the year...i've seen a lot of Canada and it's true...though i'm still yet to see Manitoba at a pretty time...but i think it can happen

2)We can have 13 gold medals the most of any other country...but if we don't beat the USA in hockey the olympics are a bust lol...we are so passionate it's blinding...and awesome

3)Everybody likes us...come on sure we get poked fun at but hey it's just cuz they're jealous that they aren't us and can't be us

4)Beer Commercials

5)Every province is distinct...they all have their own flavour...saskatchewan's happens to be a lil grainy but hey good for's like 13 lil countries in one

6)french i never got to take part in this but i think it's amazing that anywhere in this country you can learn the majority of your schoolwork in the second language of our country...regardless of the fact that quebec is so far away from where you might be and how lil french is used outside of it...maybe the states should do spanish immersion think about it...but then they'd be copying our awesomeness

7)the girls...i won't lie i love the canadian girls...for multiple reasons


Blogger Lauren said...

The Beach Boy's found something to appreciate in as Northern girls as well!

4:20 PM, March 01, 2010  

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