Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm teaching the next Taylor Swift

the first two questions i ask every new student are these:
so have you ever played guitar before?
what kind of music do you want to learn?

she shyly said she'd never played...but she wanted to learn Taylor Swift...when i picked up my guitar and started playing White Horse her eyes became so big...the smile on her face was magic...'i could do that?! was all she said...'if you practice hard we could by the end of the year...this girl is end of the year i meant June...

4 months after that first day i don't think i've met a student that's worked harder then her...and at the end of 4 months she can play 90% of white horse (stupid bar chord)...and i couldn't be more proud of her...she wants to start learning Love this rate she'll be done the album by June...not just one song

her parents attribute her success to me...i to her drive and hard work...but when i asked her why she played so hard these four months she said it's cuz of Taylor...

Thanks'll have competition in 10 years


Blogger Lauren said...

is she writing her own songs yet? cause that's about when Taylor started...

2:53 PM, December 21, 2010  

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