Monday, August 08, 2011

Much Needed Kick to the Confidence

lately my confidence has been low...and by lately i mean a good chunk of time...and it was just that what was happening at the present time was a large change from the past that i was trying to reflect into my present, and i thought that lack of past exploits was me...and i think i can say i got depressed at times and it was like a funk i couldn't get out was something i was so used to having...and i took it for granted and when it was felt like a big hole...

but over the time that hole's been getting smaller...still down sometimes but it's not as harsh..doesn't last as long...hole gets smaller...til now...hole is gone...confidence is just took a little balls but in a week it turned around...the change of scenery one i know no it's time to take this confidence where it's familiar...i think i can do that...i know i can

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