Saturday, September 09, 2006

Darn You 3 of Clubs

You may be sitting there and thinking what on earth i'm talking about...why this deep and utter hatred for such an insignificant card...but i tell you that this is no ordinary card...this is the card that has tried to become my downfall and it has i will now explain

I've played the card game War with LadyChoco for 41 games...of which i've won 22...cuz i've won the last 3 in a row...but anywhho not important...the 3 of Clubs...has always come at oppurtune times...if there's a war i need to win to protect my cards what will i's the 3 of Clubs...and when i have it i can't get rid of it...there are a lot of cards higher than the 3 but it will always face a 2 and that irritates me to no has cost me many a game of chance...i mean to the 3 of Clubs i deface thee in front of all that read that they might also hate thee...

Today i went to HMV and every once in awhile i like to buy a CD purely on the name of the band name...for instance "Burnthe8track", "The Early November", and "Falling UP" and today it was "The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus"...they can be found in the punk section of your HMV...i thoroughly enjoyed it...I'm not sure how LadyChoco felt about it but i liked it..."Face Down", "Damn Regret" and "Guardian Angel" are my favourites...i highly suggest coming by my room to hear it for yourself...I think that that's all for me

Quote of the Day: "Sometimes you just need one moment for her to realize that you're everything she'll ever need"- StoryofaLife
Song of the Moment: "Guardian Angel" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...remember in Luther's time you only bathed once a year...cuz they thought you got sick by it...Then there was the Endemic what did they know


Blogger Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

whine, whine, whine, whine, whine! is that all you ever do!? like, you don't even lose the games and yet you still complain constantly!!!
have some sympathy!

5:36 PM, September 10, 2006  
Blogger ChrisMuffin said...

you're just sorry you

11:18 PM, September 10, 2006  

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