Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Late Night Thoughts

I got a call this morning at 2:44 this morning to let Mr. Hockey into Dorm cuz he just got dropped off...i didn't know by whom or what but he didn't have his keys and came quickly into dorm wearing spandex as he later informed me...but as i got back into bed i had couple things come into my head

Like why on earth have i had writer's block for 6 months...well outside of one song...why won't the words come to me anymore they used to be in abundance and now i can just write the riffs to songs in my head...but unfortunately that's where they it that i have nothing that inspires me?...well that can't be...i guess the one song shoots that idea it because i'll know that from now on it'll be solo and i don't have a band to go back to?...i'm at an impass it seems that i can't go over, around, under or through...and i don't carry the explosives that will help me get rid of this impass of sorts...cuz really if i don't get these songs written then what will i be able to do for the writer's showcase?...Suggestions would be good

Lately a friend and i have been talking about getting old (20) seems like this plateau in age that's huge and seems like a lot of responsibility is put on your shoulders...cuz as i've been told once you're 20 you can't blame the stupid mistakes you make on being a teenager cuz you're clearly not a teenager anymore...and teen angst is no longer teen angst but depression or jsut being stupid as some have called a number that depicts our age so important...or is it just the weight we put on it?

i don't know i thought of a lot at 3 in the morning...and i was more a wake after 3 hours of sleep then during my class with 8 hours of sleep...go figure

Quote of the Day: "Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his Wardrobe?" Bender
Song of the Moment: XO by Fallout Boy

Thank you come again
Stay Clean Kids...NBA Basketball starts tonight...well really yesterday but the real basketball starts today...gotta love those dinos


Blogger Leah said...

I really think that age is not important (at least to some extent), and that any fears we have is the weight we put on them. I learned that when Neal scared me about turning 20. Now that I'm past 20 though, I've realized I'm not any different, I still do stupid stuff, and people still love me anyways.

It's not about what age you are, but what you make out of your life. I know 60 yr olds that are the biggest kids...I want to be like that cuz they enjoy life - AT ANY AGE!

7:05 PM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

I think the part that is the most teriffying is not the age but that in reaching that age you are expected to have accomplished so much.
You should be moved out, supporting yourself and well on your way to succeeding all your plans and dreams for your future.
For my future I have only one real dream . . . and I'm too scared right now to persue it . . . so i just don't feel ready to be *shiver* 20 yet.

If that made any sense . . . :S

12:31 PM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Vinny said...

You know what I say to "age"? I say, "bollocks to you!" You are only as old as you feel/need to be. Apparently I feel/need to be 7 years old, hehehe take that responsibility, I fart in your general direction, your mother was a hampster and your father smelled of aldeberry! Point and case, right there...

12:39 PM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Krysta Chelle said...

Lauren... oh dear, ya. your dream.... thats all im going to say! lol . love you darling. Dont worry Eric... Im the oldest out of the 4 of us and i still do stupid things..... meh and really when was the last thing you did that you had to blame it on being young

5:22 PM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

What is wrong with my dream?! At least I have one . . . lots of people just float around on this planet not ever having something they want to do with their lives! . . . Just cause it's not career orientated doesn't mean it's anything less than all your guy's dreams!

5:59 PM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Furious Rodimus said...

Cures for writers block:
1) Fall in love, crazy fall
2) Watch the news
3) Read books with cool imagery
4) Let everything inspire you
5) Pray for the right words to say
6) Watch anime. I'm serious there's some cool concepts for songs in there.
7) Right down every thought that comes into your mind, and then try and rhyem etc. to it.

I dunno, some of those might work for ya.

7:00 PM, November 02, 2006  

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