Tuesday, April 10, 2007

14 Things You Never Knew...But Always Wanted to

1) the first CD i ever owned was the Concordia Concert Choir's CD from 96-98...that's b4 i got Big Shiny Tunes 4 and Backstreet's Back

2) My favourite Disney movie is Oliver and Company...i love Billy Joel in that movie...i always wanted to be the Artful Dodger

3) I know Barry Manilow lyrics than most 40 year old fans of his...i might even know more his lyrics than he does

4) I wanted to be Alex trebek when i was younger...and by younger i mean 16...then i wanted to be lawyer...that's because of Legally Blonde i won't lie

5) My middle name comes from the greatest of the 4 Beatles...George...if you've heard 'as my guitar gently weeps' you understand...i pretend my first name comes from Clapton...but i know better

6) Up until last year i'd had a roommate...that's 18 years, 8 months and 27 days...can anyone beat that...that isn't married

7) I find it easier to walk away than to stay and face my fears...i'm trying to change that

8) I sang tenor in every choir i've been a part of until i came to Concordia

9) My favourite characters in shows/books are lovable losers...Ray from RFR, Neville from Harry Potter, Chase from Zoey 101 (happy beth), Ron from Kim Possible, Mouth from One Tree Hill...cuz i identify with them

10) I'm listening to Around the Clock by The Rocket Summer...on purevolume.com...the guy needs to get over it...sometimes it doesn't work

11) I watched close to 10 hours of Lost over Easter weekend...and did about 2 hours of actual work...i won't even say how much time i spent video games

12) Both my songs for the Songwriter's Competition were written for other people...neither of them know this

13) i'm superstitious when it comes to sports...i have a routine for ever basketball game where i put on a jersey...and one for softball

14) i'm done did you know that

song of the moment: Cross My Heart by The Rocket Summer...also on purevolume.com

thank you come again
stay clean kids


Blogger Furious Rodimus said...

Ron from Kim Possible is hilarious

10:31 AM, April 11, 2007  
Blogger Jenn said...

i think ron is very amusing as well.
actually, he's the only reason to watch that show, not that i watch kid shows... much...
except kids cbc.
but i only get three channels.
so that's my excuse for that....

yup, going to go now

8:43 PM, May 14, 2007  

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