Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Reading Week: Tuesday 20

Is everyone so disallusioned?...why can't they see what's going on?...Am I the only one that can see that there is something very wrong with Dorm right now?...maybe it's all in my head...maybe i'm just letting my mind play tricks on me...maybe i've been sleeping too much...maybe it just my imagination...and then again maybe it's not

I'm currently thinking of barricading myself in my room until next monday and school will start and this will all just end up being a bad dream...a dream that lasted a week and won't end...a dream is exactly what i pray that it is...every moment of every waking minute

I saw Steve today with blood on him...i couldn't tell if it was his or someone or something else's...mostly cuz i'm not a doctor...i'm no House (who's enthralling)...but Steve is seriously beginning to worry me...a lot of lapses of consciousness and even his eyes have made me fear talking to him...cuz i'd have to make eye contact...i feel like he's going to do something terrible...if he hasn't already

Rod is still in his room...i hear the guitar every once in awhile...but outside of that it's like he's not there...and i can only assume that he's been affected by this as he became infected with whatever this is is beyond me...but i feel like it i the only that hasn't been...i hope Rod is ok...i don't want to be the only sane one...not that he was sane before but at least Rod "normal"

Gilbert hasn't been seen since lunch hour...i received a call from the high school asking to his whereabouts but he wasn't here and he wasn't there...i feel like this all links back to Steve...but it's just all speculation right now...but speculation is looking better and better every passing minute

check and for the other sides of the story

Quote of the Day:"Sometimes you feel like the rock in the middle of the river...everything around you is moving but you're standing still."
Song of the Moment 4 Words (to Choke Upon) by Bullet for My Valentine

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids


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