Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas and a Funeral

Merry Christmas's a day early but i wont' be writing this on Christmast so there it is...have fun doing whatever it is you do and have a Happy New Year if i don't talk to you before

Let's see i've been home one week and i'm bored out of my family has successfully driven me up the wall...i went to my grade 8 reunion party...i know it sounded weird to me too but there we were in Boston Pizza having a few beers which was weird cuz the last time i saw these people i was barely a teenager and that is no longer the case

In much sadder news....Orlando the guitar is dead...his head warped and cracked so severely that it is irrepairable (made-up?) say your goodbyes to him and now i have no guitar to play cuz Elle is dead...which i also foudn out when i got baring a tuition miracle i will be without a guitar...which i hate and makes me cringe but what can i do...have a moment of silence for Orlando

Quote of the Day:"This feels weird drinking beers with people that were barely in puberty last time i saw them." Tequilla Kid...he came back so many kunch hours drunk off of drinking tequilla at the park
Song of the Moment: Sidewalks by Storyoftheyear...i just really like this song...that's my reason

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...don't want to get any of the Christmas Cheer on your new clothes


Blogger Furious Rodimus said...

yea, eric, without a guitar. Like that's gonna happen on my watch. I'll tell you what, i'll bring up my acoustic, we'll get the action lowered on her, some new strings, and it can be on loan to you. you'll have to get used to playing the full-sized Dreadnought body style though. Hey, it's even in Orlando's colour too. Let me know what ya think.

7:57 PM, December 24, 2006  
Blogger Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

You don't need a guitar anymore... according to Rod they are used to fill up free time when you are lonely... but that's what I am for! And soon enough we'll be back at school with OTH 3rd season! [oh, and the 1st season of another one of your favourite shows!]
Merry Christmas Boyfriend!

11:18 PM, December 25, 2006  
Blogger melancholy meditation said...

Ah! Lauren, you're not supposed to publicly acknowledge him in public. Geesh. Give 'em an inch...

You know the rest.

but you do have a valid point. However, I choose to point out that if Eric fails to have a musical release, bad things will happen. And I don't want my preccccious to be around for that.

Yes, I can be creepy sometimes.
I took a moment of silence for Orlando once I was alone. I'm truly sorry for your loss, son.

6:36 PM, December 26, 2006  
Anonymous Alyson said...

You can borrow Sahara any time you need to, and she is at school. (which would be Fridays) And now a tribute,

Orlando, you were so beautiful, not only in looks but also in sound. You made Erics heart big and round. (as round as it could get) we will miss your gleem and your sweet tune, Please someone get Eric a new Guitar soon.

7:12 PM, December 26, 2006  
Blogger Krysta Chelle said...

But you cant go Orlando!! NOOO!! oh dear. What are we to do... well we have to come up with a new name when you get a new guitar!! Oh dear. I took a moment. and ya lauren. The boyfriend has to be lonely at somepoint because you have to be with us!!! (L) tee hee

7:42 PM, December 27, 2006  

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