Sunday, February 04, 2007

Now I've Stolen this from Rodimus

who stole it from LadyChoco, who i belive stole it from Sunshine...i think i don't really know...memory of a goldfish has it's problems...anyways the fantabulous itunes shuffle...mostly cuz i have nothing to say at this point in we go i'll explain the library, put on shuffle, press play switch song sfor each new category and don't try to be cool...mostly cuz i know that i'm not cool...even though i play guitar...i'm not cool here we go

Opening Credits(Dec 6, 1986)- The Montster is Loose by thought that went without saying

Waking Up(11:54am)-Everybody's Changing by Keane...i guess somedays you wake up and everyone has changed

First Day at School(Sept of 1991)- Brain Damage by Pink Floyd...that's what 16 years of school does to a kid...holy cow have i really been in school for 16 years...i think i'm going to be sick

Falling in Love(2ce)- Angel by Shaggy...that's right i have Shaggy in my library...whatcha going to do about's the only song by him in there though i swear

Fight Song(Ongoing)- Give up the Grudge by Gob...mmm punk rock...can anyone saying getting the frustration

Breaking Up(Feb 2)- Take it Away by The CD out on tuesday...going to pick it up...mostly cuz i can't listen to a couple of my old CDs right now

Formal(Nov of 2004)- Under Pressure by The Used and My Chemical Romance...i swear that this in on shuffle...although one is at the beginning of the CD...the other is at the end

Final Battle(yet2come)- The Rest of My Life by The Early November...hopefully win that one...or there won't a lot of "the rest of my life"...if you get my meaning

The Hero Falls(yet2come)- Doc Ock Suite by Danny Elfman...i think that says it all

Funeral(yet2come)- The Jetset Life is Going to Kill You by My Chemical we know how i die

Ending Credits(yet2come)- If Everyone Cared by Nickelback

Quote of the Day: "if everyone cared and nobody cried, if everyone loved and nobody lied, if everyone shared and swallowed their pride..." i guess that's asking for too much sometimes
Song of the Moment(at random): When I Go Down by Relient K...hopefully i get back up again

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean never know when you're going to get knocked down


Anonymous Sunshine said...

Its true she stole it frome yours truly SUNSHINE!

5:30 PM, February 05, 2007  

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