Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Semester

Welcome back to the cold...if you missed the minus 20 temperature over the Christmas break...then you're in for a treat...but if you're like me and walk across that front lawn at least once a day then you hate it...and i was at home in a place where it was plus 13 when i hear that Alberta a temperature that you can still feel your toes is ok...even if you're taking after Ontario it's ok...i want warm weather

This is the semester of my minor...taking 3 religion courses and math...i count Hebrew as a religion class...for those of you that are in it or taken it...or hurt me complain about'll understand why...cuz context is (insert answer here)...thankfully Hebrew doesn't start til next week...i'm waiting for a small controlled fire to break out in that room...just so i can get a change of scenery for a dead language...really going on a 4th semester in the same room taking a dead torture...i never want to enter that room after this year...but because God has a sense of humour i'm sure i will

People are back now and school is getting back into the swing of's funny isn't come back from a 3 week break at home and not only are you different but so is everyone else...and as of this year i've decided that home is a word that changes in defintion as you get older...i say that mostly cuz i'm not sure i want to call Kitchener home anymore...there are people there i like to see...but the majority of the people there have put a stab wound in me in some shape or i call residence home...this is what i've decided

Quote of the day: "it'll be like WEEEEEEE!!!" Jordan...talking about courses he's got lined up...phys ed, religion and drama...i want his schedule
Song of the Moment: All for You by Our Lady the live album that was recorded in good

Thank you Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...One Tree Hill is back and the drama is intense...Chris Keller is the bomb


Blogger Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

you wouldn't think that Chris Keller was the bomb if you knew about my dream....:P

p.s. different means change... and people keep telling me that change is good

11:59 AM, January 11, 2007  

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