Tuesday, September 28, 2010


how much has changed 125 posts later...well i guess it's really 124...this is 125...don't want to lie to you...so how much has changed...

age: 5 years...man that's an average of one post every two weeks
edumacation: got the degree...but i still know i'll have more schooling to go...lame
dream: still the same...gotta make that album...been working on that a lot lately
relationship: none...but i'm cool with that...but working on it
job: one i love...and one i wish i could do without...but as a friend told me today...i should quit them both to do what i want...hmm
awesomeness: check still there...bask in it;)

there are lots of subtle things that have changed...my surroundings, my friends, the jobs i've had, the places i've been...i looked through the song book i started compiling when i began writing and if that's not a look at eric through the years...i don't know what is

but i look ahead to what the next 5 will hold...

i'll be 28...job situation? album? education? relationship? it doesn't seem that long ago that i was an 18 yr old kid with the same questions...just shows time doesn't have all the answers...but you probably don't see the answers til you look back on the time you spent.

how'd you change in 5 years? how did you spend your time? how will you spend your time?


Blogger Lauren said...

I have 300, that's about 1 every 4 days for the past 4 years (i think... my math is limited- hence the elementary teacher). And really, it seems not much has changed with me.
I started my blogging career loving chocolate- and here i am still loving chocolate. I went through hating guys, and school... and here i am still feeling like that much of the time.
It makes me wonder... how much do we really change in our lives.... or maybe the lack of change is just me (and apparently you).

9:48 AM, September 30, 2010  

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