Monday, April 17, 2006

Hey I Think I Can See My House From Here

Happy Easter to my fabulous readers...i warn you that this will be along post so grab some snacks, a drink and maybe even a blanket if you need a power nap...cuz i'm going to talk about the weekend that was Easter in Lloydminster...dun dun dun...the views posted in this blog are my opinions are completely shared by all those that were matter what they say

Day one...Wednesday...i arrive at girl's dorm and meet Marty...the 3-yr olds mum...that's who i stayed we pile into the's Marty, the 3-yr old. Lady Choco, M&M, and meself (your fearless leader...leader of what i have no idea just go with me)...we start driving and we're listening to Riley Armstrong, Relient K and Jimmy Eat World...and during the drive we find that the 3-yr old wrestles cows to practice for Rugby and all about the difference between duallies and singlies...trucks with four wheels in the back and two...and that LadyChoco has the worst case of ADHD known to man since...hey look i have an MSN message...oh crap where was I...of yeah so we arrive in LLoyd and rent "An Unfinished Life" only because they didn't have Meatballs...honestly and they call themself a movie store disgusting...we watch it's not's brokeback mountain, except the cowboys are like 60 and not gay...and J-lo sucked huge

Day two...Thursday...woke up and watched RENT...525600 minutes...then we washed the 3-yr olds car...and i bought "the anatomy of tongue and cheek" by Relient K and a book written by Relient K...only to find that it's a book for girls about girls...not for me...but i'll read it anyway...cuz it's pretty funny...the afternoon was lazy...i went for a walk and saw my house in Ontario...and we went to church, so not a complete waste of the day...and then we went to Wal-Mart to play tag, and needless to say we had to make a hasty retreat because they were onto us and were going to kick us out...even when M&M went in disguised as me, it didn't help us at all...but oh it was fun anyway...especially when you pretend to be looking at shoes that are for 6-yr old girls so that you look like you're not upto something...and later we played Things...i had to keep it PG because marty was around...oh well another night...and then it happened i found myself in the middle of a game of "Girl Talk" which was awesome except the 3-yr old cheated at a game for 10 year old-s...but at her age we expect that

Day three...friday...we get up early and go to church...and head back to the house for the beginning of what became the theme of the week...reading the 5th Harry Potter outloud...and as a side note we have one more chapter to go...we went to Saskatchewan which is really far away and spent the day and night there...we played on golfcarts...kicked shoes into trees...and the weird thing is that all of our right shoes got stuck...i wrestled with LadyChoco...and she won...but only because M&M was biased against me...and tire fighting is not my forte...watching movies til the wee hours of the morning and star gazing...i miss the stars don' you?

Day four...Saturday...i awake and eat breakfast...and go to have a shower and realize...that i left my pants at home...but wait the pants i wore the day b4 the pants i had are gone...and immediately i know that something is up because the pants i have aren't mine and Lady Choco can't control her what happened is the 3-yr old wanted me in her they took my pants and gave me hers while i slept...what i can after awhile i complied and wore her pants...and yes here pants are too big...then i got my pants back...and then we went back to Alberta which took forever...that afternoon we watched X2 for the first time that day and studied...yes studied i admit it...i studied...had an awesome night watched X2 again and fell asleep to the usual sounds of the 3-yr old and LadyChoco "warming themselves up"...Mom knows what i'm talking about

Day five...Sunday...woken early to go to Crack of Dawn service which started outside...brrr cold...easter breakfast so good...home again...waffles and burgers...naps which were broken by the girls because they are jealous of my naps cuz they couldn't have one...that's right i said it...Dinner at 2:30 was awesome...the drive home was uneventful except Harry Potter once again defeated the Dark Lord and all is right with the world...back home again and let the studying begin...oh yeah and i was in two places at right was in Alberta and my left in your heart out Mandy Moore

Song of the day: "The One I'm Waiting For" by Relient K
Quote of the day; "Sometimes you gotta be patient and believe that God knows what he's doing...he's the only guy i know who understands them"- Bill Moffett

Thank you come again
Stay Clean are totally scrubbing down the shower


Blogger Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

I'm not THAT ADHD . . . i just have a difficult time sitting still, especialy when i'm stuck between you and M&M . . . car, car, car, car, dually!
I did not only beat you at tire wrestling because M&M was biased! it had nothing to do with him, i was just more intelligent- i knew your weaknesses and i went for it! (plus- i'm stronger:P)

It sounds to me like your dad has some insightful words . . .

4:18 PM, April 17, 2006  
Blogger Krysta Chelle said...

Ahh eric. Well you had burgers and waffals on saturday silly. And you had better come and finish reading to us befor we go to bed tonight. I will be sad if you dont.... and really..... my pants were not that big...i fit into yours did i not. it should be good. and you did not see your house! lol. Hope you had fun even tho all you did was harase me. Oh and the lost is found. ha ha. It was at the lake . and one of the spruce trees opposite of your shoe steeling tree fell over the night after. It fell right were my car was parked. Oh car, i saved you... anyways... htats the info for now... I like your dads quote... hummm wonder the context.... nm. tee hee
three year old sometimes 40

4:39 PM, April 17, 2006  
Blogger Alyson Sunny said...

Oh Muffin! I am so glad that you had a great weekend, and I am sorry if I annoyed you with the Telephone calls!! Scott told me to leave a message!! and I did not expect you and Laura home, so sorry! But ya love me so I will not worry! Anyway.... thats all I ahve to say! I am going to write about you on my blog now! byes

7:22 PM, April 17, 2006  
Blogger Furious Rodimus said...

Saskatchewan rules. And I do miss the starlight

8:27 PM, April 17, 2006  

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