Friday, August 31, 2007

Only to Me

'Only to you coud that happen to'...was recently said to me by a friend...and upon thinking about it it's completely true...only to a person such as myself can such a rollercoaster exist...and you know what i won't change a bit of it...don't get me wrong it's not all good...but it's not all bad either and the good outweighs the bad...all the stuff and crap and bullocks i've gone through have only made me a better person...well at least i think so...some people i'm sure would disagree...for instance

finding a drawer full of women's underwear in Founders...yeah that's an interesting moment in time believe me...but i get to laugh about it now...actually i think i laughed about it then too...only i get called up on a special day to be told i could be there as the main event and then hung up on...thank God for that one...sigh of relief goes i'll take all of it...cuz really it makes an awesome story to tell

a wrote a song last year for songwriter's talking about my struggles in life and how i put too much of it on myself and don't trust God but you know what when you fall over and can't go anymore He's there for you...and to those that ask for His help you shall receive...i still can't listen to the recorded version of that song...but anywho...a friend said to me 'you're smiling a lot more' and it's true cuz i don't just see a small narrow road that i have to walk alone and if i trip i go over the edge...i see wide road and i don't walk it alone and i never will there will always be one with me...and it's up to me what point in the horizon i walk towards and make my adventure...want to come with?

song of the moment: My Way- Eric Moffett...i didn't name this song had no title until after my set i sat down and looked over and saw what a friend of mine had wrote and it's stuck in my head ever that's how it got it's name

thank you come again
stay clean kids...or get a little dirt on makes for better laughs later


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