Sunday, December 30, 2007

One Song

I've written it...the song that i've been trying to write for years's out and it's done...and even after all the waiting for it to get out...i'm conflicted over it for two reasons

On the one hand i've been trying for this song to come that it is it feels like this huge weight has been lifted off of me...i feel free to go on to writing more and more...and it's become a lot easier to sit and write new lyrics now that this is finally resolved...and it wasn't that the topic was hard to write on it was the confrontation within me stopping on the one hand it feels great to have it out there

On the other hand...this might not be recieved any's one thing for my feelings for me to out but it's another to display them like dirty laundry for all the neighbours to see...i'm going to be asked and i know it now...and i don't know if i'll lie...just pass it off or fess up and be open...i wish i could figure it out...but i have until songwriter's to think about that part...cuz that's the debut...cuz if i'm going to put it out there i might as well get the biggest soap box i can find

Song of the Moment: the entire album from Meat Loaf called 'Couldn't Have Said it Better'...ask to borrow...chapter one

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...but never forget the dirt that got you to where you might not have all been bad


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