Monday, November 26, 2007

the words that can't be said

i want to tell you everything will be alright...but i can't
i want to tell you that your friend's love and will always be here for you...but i can't
i want to try and put a smile back on your face...but i can't
i want to say so many things but the words won't come...and i can't

life is not a roller coaster...where you go up and down but stay on the tracks...there are no tracks...there is but one thing to stabilize yourself...and that's God...which sometimes doesn't feel like is like that demolition derby where you spin and lose vision because of the mud and just when you stop you get hit again and start spinning all over

i want to hold you...but i can't
I want to reassure you...but i can't
i want to wipe your eyes...but i can't
but i can't...but i can't


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you, for everything.
and despite not being able to do all those things, you did come very close to it last night.
... i smiled for a little while

8:34 AM, November 28, 2007  

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