Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pictures Say 1000 Words...This Moment Needs None

Time Stops but the World Keeps Spinning
and I'm Stuck in this Moment With You

Can you imagine that moment...where you're with someone and everything just seems to stop but what you have right there...nothing and i do mean nothing matters outside of that's like in the movies where two people catch eyes and you see the fire and the people walking past them seem to speed's that moment where all you have is that...nothing more but you don't need more

Does that moment truly exist...can we find someone that causes that moment to just there one person that can make me realize that everything else doesn't it someone i've never met before or someone i already know...but can the moment happen or have we all become so jaded that fairy tales stay in the pages of children's fiction, songs written by tortured songwriters and dreams...

I choose to believe that that moment can exist and you know when that moment does exist i'll know that nothing and no one else will matter more then that moment...and only then will i truly know that i will never be alone again...i really hope this moment exists...i really want it to...or my song goes for nothing...and it becomes another lie to be written into my black book of stains...i don't want another lie...i don't write those anymore cuz Yesterday's Forgotten

Give me a moment like that...i hope you find one too

song of the moment: Kindly Unspoken by Kate Voegele...for those moments where words aren't needed

Thank you come again
Stay Clean might want to look nice when it happens


Blogger Hot Pink Snow Angel said...

it is the thought of that perfect world-stopping, awe-inspiring, palm-seating, starry-eyed moment that gives me the energy and desire to pick myself up and try again.
to forget the pain that love has caused me and dream of the joy and possibilities love can bring.
that's where the adventure lies... and where the treasure is hid. it's the end of that rainbow we are searching for.
and i hear you usually find it, when you lease expect it.

11:46 PM, December 11, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The image of that moment is what should keep both of you on a path of discovery, not one of rediscovery. Find new, not old, because perfect can only be found when trust is freely given. How can that moment ever happen if you are consantly thinking is this right, am i going to be hurt, what does this mean.
The only time you will find this moment is when you trust yourself, the other person and the time itself.
love you both and I wish both of you the joy and perfect contentment of that moment!

The three year old

11:59 PM, December 21, 2008  

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