Monday, March 23, 2009

Randomness...but not the first time

I yawn a's just the way i's not i'm tired or's just something i do...well i watched Daily Planet today and learned that you yawn because your brain is running 'hot'...your brain uses the most energy of all the organs in your body...if it hits a a point where it needs coolant which is given through oxygen you'll yawn...extended airways, lots of oxygen all for that brain that's working a lil too hard...and with the amount of time i spend with or talking to women it's no wonder i yawn so much

i now have wireless for my comp i went out and got a wireless usb thingum...thansk JEifert for helping know what to i've caught up on all my webcomics and stuff like that...Order of the Stick got so good...mmm love it

I'm two books away from finishing my book series...a lil over a thousand pages and it will be over...i've read over 5000 pages in 2 and a half months...what's a thousand more...then i can get to other books...need to find new books to put on the classics list...LadyChoco you have any for me?

i'll be in manitoba for 4 more days then i'll be spending the remainder of my CREW touring career in Ontario...first stop Dryden...then Red Lake...never been but it should be fun...Pastor B is there he makes everything awesome

i bought the new Marianas Trench CD in Regina a month ago...i love's so good...i find something new everytime...and the words and beats and riffs just make it all so so good...i finally bought a new cd the other day..the Kings of Leon...and they are also phenomenal...maybe a new drug lol

Song of the Moment: Good to You by Marianas Trench...a duet with kate is stunning...kate if you happen to read this call me;)...the entire album Masterpiece Theatre is great give it a listen for sure

thank you come again
stay clean never know when you'll meet kate voegele


Blogger dancing through life said...

listend to the's amazing!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! Hope you bring the CD with you so that I can put it on my laptop!!!

10:32 PM, April 04, 2009  

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