Monday, January 26, 2009

Freight Train

That's what it felt like today...getting hit by something and shook into oblivion...i woke up...showered...ate my alphabits...warmed up for recording and immediately after doing 30mins of back up vocals...and listening to myself in the playback...i decided i hate the sound of my own voice...listened to the 2 tracks on the album that i have lead and thought...i wish i could do it over...but looking back to when i did it...i felt amazing so i knew geting back in there wouldn't make it any's just ugh...

so it was a bad start to a day...i've become an insomniac i guess for january...lil sleep every night...and today...a week after it ended it finally hit me...i'd been trying to not let it hit me til after recording but it came none the less...all at once...i had to get out of the house so i went for a walk in the rain...i thought stuff like that happened in movies but no it happens on Couver Island...

this hole has no filling...i feel like i could stick my arm through it...i can't play guitar worth a voice is now cracky and hoarse...constantly constrained...i don't know what i'm to's not like i can go to bed and let sleep numb me...i can't sleep...sometimes i just wish i could just be at home and be around the people i love...but i realize that edmonton wouldn't be the best place for me right now cuz i'd be reminded of her by those around me...maybe i just really need to go on vacation...i haven't been on one in years...that would be nice...

song of the moment: If You Wanted a Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask by Mayday Parade

thank you come again
stay clean kids...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey eric.

you know that one song you put on the song of the moment thingy?

i was thinking about songs that i have written for people and all of them have been becuase thats how i was feeling at the time. some people know they are the topic of the song, others dont... mainly because singing a song about how you want to be with someone can bring up awkward conversations. Especially if that person might not necessarily want to be with you.

but anyways, in regards to the song of the momonet...well moreso just the name...

i dont think i would actually write a song if someone were to ask.

well thats untrue. i just dont think it would have the same amount of meaning then a song written for a moment. having to write a song about someone gives it a sense of obligation that you have to do it or the other person wouldn't be happy.

it should mean much much more then that.

mayday parade, you need to choose your song names better. but in the mean time keep pumping out that horribly depressing music about how some girl has wronged you.

yay depression bringing the cash!

-matt kinsmanamanaman

8:29 AM, February 06, 2009  

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