Monday, July 20, 2009


Alright so lately i've been going through this huge remix thing...the original is ok but to hear someone take the same thing and add their own twist on it just makes it for me...granted not all remixes are great...and not all are great in everyones' eyes...but that is the greatness of freedom of thought...for instance two remixes come readily to mind...Karl Wolf's 'Africa' i love it...that beat mixed with the harms just gets me and in the words of Peyton 'i remember the day'...i remember where i was, what i was doing, the weather when i first heard it (well seen since it was the music video...but anywho)...the other is The Scene Aesthetics 'Love Story' usually punk doing a taylor swift song wouldn't even catch my eye...but roamin' purevolume i found it...nad it caught taylor swift fans will most likely hate it...and give me no end of grief for exposing them to this...but sorry...i like it...sure the one vocalist is nasaly and pitchy...sure it might not be an upgrade...but there is some kind of honesty about it that i love...that's defense for it...just that

and thinking of remixes is it weird that music is the one exception to the rule where you can take one thing and by changing very little make it better (or worse...granted) get the same words, overall melody...just a lil extra filler or if someone offered me a past relationship over again but this time there would some slight changes...i'm not sure i'd take it cuz the main substance and meat would be the same...and it's a past relationship for a reason isn't it?...or do we just put different wrapping paper on the same hand-me-down and blind outserlves that it's something old...not new promises...same old same old...but we do lie to ourselves

but we do love the brings us back something that we loved with a new spin but in the end there is a reason we don't listen to it forever...and someday we do just stop listening...cuz something original has come along that truly catches our eye...and maybe once again we'll remember the day...i know i want to...i want to change the lyrics to wake me up when summer ends...cuz this storyline is played out

songs of the moment: Africa by Karl Wolf, Love Story by The Scene Aesthetic, and I'll be there for you by the Rembrandts (you might not recognize by the title...but give a will)

Thank you come again
stay clean'll still be finding the sand come november


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