Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cool Stuff

i have this job...i teach guitar to kids, youth, adults...basically all ages...when i got the job i thought it was amazing that i could teach guitar and get paid for it...but needless to say that over time i seemed to have become jaded to how wonderful my job really is...i went to work and did it...did it well...but i lost the joy in what i was doing...

but today after my lesson with Paul (an 8 year old kid who just started learning guitar in september) we had spent 30 minutes on 'All to Myself' by Marianas Trench...he says 'we learn some pretty cool stuff'...we learn some pretty cool stuff...and it's like a light turned on...we learn some pretty cool stuff...the thing i had been taking for granted is awesome...i get to teach kids to be the rock stars they want to be...yes they are bonified rock stars...cuz they think they're rock stars...

so i don't know if this will be a brief state of enlightenment...but i really hope it's not...i feel great about what i do...and if this is how i can feel just sometimes...i want to be doing this for the rest of my life...

we learn some pretty cool stuff

talk to you tomorrow


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