Sunday, June 18, 2006

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho It's Off To...wait no it's not

Yo and Hello to all those that might be reading this...cuz i haven't written since seven days...and that was like a whole month ago...jeez what's the matter with me...don't answer that it's a rhetorical be my woes

Woe 1...i can see you kringing because "1" means that there's a lot and that i'll bitch for awhile but i'll try not the job market in ONtario you suck...really 35 days and nothing...10 interviews and not a hint of a summer what's the matter with us...can't we give poor students jobs to pay for that we can revolutionize the workplace and make human labour obsolete...jeez is that too much to ask

Woe 2...This is for no apparent reason but i need to reinterate this...Girls are CRAZY...that's right to all the girls out there you're crazy...I'm sorry i know what you're thinking "Guys are Crazy"...yes we are but we admit to it and we don't pretend to anything else...i think i've upgraded from my shovel to a massive construction know what i'm talking about...anyway i could go on all day on how crazy you are

Woe 3...I hate's slimy and sticks between your's God's plague upon us for sinning...tell me your thoughts on this

Woe 4...the last but not least...lil annoying sisters...that's right...the lil maggots that bother you while you try to write a blog...this one's for you know i'm sitting here writing this...talking to my friends and the second "one tree hill" is over it's like "get off" cuz apparently while i was away they forgot that i'm the dominant force in the house...and apparently armpit rockets and flipping them upside isn't enough's time to step it up a excuse me as i go and take her down

Quote of the Day:-You can tuna piano...but you can't tuna fish...ARRR i'm Blackbeard- Stephen Moffett...and no unfortunately he was completely sober

Song of the Moment: Little Sister-Creed and Crazy Mary-FM Static

Thank you come again
Stay Clean Kids...Oilers are going down...if there is anything good and right left in this world they will lose...i'm praying for it.