Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ode to the Weekend

Who hates Sickness...i do...cuz during the weekend i was sick...from start to finish i was sick...i'm good now...throat is a little scratchy but other than that not much else...anywho...i went on Choir Retreat at Camp Kuriakos...which was fun...except i was sick...Capture the Flag, Harems, singing, birthdays, the Northern Lights which were amazing and the Big Moo...and i beat Hooper leg wrestling...he taunted me to no end and i had to show him who was boss...that right Muffin wins...i also went undefeated that night...but oh well

The Plague has come to Concordia and lots of people are getting sick it's been going around for the past 3 weeks now and lot's of people are complaining so i've decided to tell you all who to blame for the Plague...if you're in choir you can blame me...i brought to Choir retreat and i'll take the shot...if you live in dorm blame LadyChoco...she's given it to the right people to affectively infect all 3 dorms...so congrats to her...just kidding...but seriously...and if you're at Concordia you can just blame Rhonda and Regan i don't know who they got it from but point the fingers their way...just for everyone'e knowledge this is all said in good fun and that all complaints should be taken to the Convent or to Wang room 208

Quote of the Day: "I don't believe the kids when they say that Sallly loves Johnny and that Sally slept with Johnny even now that they're married I still love him." House
Song of the Moment: Under the Sea by Sebastian the Crab...that's right he's a crab...not a lobster...a crab...i won't say who thought Sebastian was a lobster...but he's a crab

Thank you come again
Stay Clean kids...i'm going to get some oil on me tomorrow when i go the Oilers game...as they lose to the Canucks...i hate the Oilers...GO DUCKS

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pre-Cemetary...Get It?

I know it's pun and i'm horrible for using it...and if you don't get it never mind and read on

So last night i started Hebrew...which is going to be a hard class...cuz if you miss it "you're screwed" if you don't do your homework "you're screwed" if you don't put in 2 hours a day and cease to exist "you're screwed" if you're not following it's either hard work...or "you're screwed" thanks Dr. Andersen...i think i spelt that right...anywho...it's going to be hard...and i'm going to complain a lot...if i do...jsut whack me over the head and remind of why i'm doing this to myself...i'm a masochist...just kidding...but i'd have to be partially masochistic to do this to myself wouldn't I?

What else is new...hmmm...the toga party is friday...which should be fun...if you're reading this I need help with my toga so save me...and help me figure out what to do with my bed sheets...otherwise this should be fun...i get to stay with Scotty oh yeah...good times

Denek will forthwith be called Varick...and tell him to stop changing his name it's getting annoying...Varick is extremely annoying and should loosen up a bit...he's tense...lol...i write this to bother him and laugh at him all at the same time

Quote of the Day: "Heyyyyyyy!"- the Fonz...i had nothing else...and it was the first thing to come to mind
Song of the Moment: "Firewater" by Yellowcard...off of Punk Goes Acoustic amazing album Thamior and I both love it

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...I miss Greek...there i said it...wanna fight about it?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Darn You 3 of Clubs

You may be sitting there and thinking what on earth i'm talking about...why this deep and utter hatred for such an insignificant card...but i tell you that this is no ordinary card...this is the card that has tried to become my downfall and it has failed...as i will now explain

I've played the card game War with LadyChoco for 41 games...of which i've won 22...cuz i've won the last 3 in a row...but anywhho not important...the 3 of Clubs...has always come at oppurtune times...if there's a war i need to win to protect my cards what will i flip...it's the 3 of Clubs...and when i have it i can't get rid of it...there are a lot of cards higher than the 3 but it will always face a 2 and that irritates me to no end...it has cost me many a game of chance...i mean War...so to the 3 of Clubs i deface thee in front of all that read this...so that they might also hate thee...

Today i went to HMV and every once in awhile i like to buy a CD purely on the name of the band name...for instance "Burnthe8track", "The Early November", and "Falling UP" and today it was "The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus"...they can be found in the punk section of your HMV...i thoroughly enjoyed it...I'm not sure how LadyChoco felt about it but i liked it..."Face Down", "Damn Regret" and "Guardian Angel" are my favourites...i highly suggest coming by my room to hear it for yourself...I think that that's all for me

Quote of the Day: "Sometimes you just need one moment for her to realize that you're everything she'll ever need"- StoryofaLife
Song of the Moment: "Guardian Angel" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...remember in Luther's time you only bathed once a year...cuz they thought you got sick by it...Then there was the Endemic Plague...so what did they know

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wake Me Up When September Ends...or Don't Whatever

The First of September is here everyone...let's hear you all scream for joy...and the crowd goes silent except fot Chirpy the awkward silence cricket who's always around but anyways...since the first of september is here you all know what's next school...scream for joy...i didn't think so

No one's excited for school...meeting new people, hanging out with old friends, playing grounders til the wee hours of the morning, 7-11 runs, random bus adventures, D&D, and who knows maybe you do look forward to school...in that case you're crazy...not really but sort of

The last 2 nights have been filled with the Wonderful game of Axis and Allies...and unfortunately for myself i've been on the losing end of both games...once as the Allies and once as the Axis...when i was Germany i followed the war to a T...really Denek continued to remind me that everything i did was historically correct...except i did in fact take the middle east...which puts me one step up on Hitler...that's right I beat Hitler...i feel like that was a bad thing to proclaim but we'll see how it goes

U university dormies are showing up soon...and that's good get here i'm bored and dying and so is Thamior and Denek...we want you guys here so we can play grounders...and other stuff

I almost wish just to fast forward to the middle of September so we can get past those couple weeks of how was your summer and those awkward moments between people cuz you don't each other that well or have fallen out of familiarity of hanging out with one another...but oh well c'est la vie (that's french...aren't i intellectual)

Quote of the Day: "If God were alive today He'd drive a 95 Dodge Colt"- i think this Thamior cuz he wrote it on my door
Song of the Moment: "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day...yeah right jeez how cornball can i be...actual song of the moment: "Grand Theft Autumn (Where is Your Boy)" by Fall Out Boy...mmm nothing witty to say or comment on...oh well...(insert witty saying here)

oh and Froot Loop...well i think you know what i'm going to say...(shaking fist)

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...cuz there's a new sheriff in town...and he's making sure you don't break his rules in dorm...his name is Denek...if you want to get away with something talt to me...just kidding...but seriously