Monday, February 04, 2008

i walk a road...i've walked it since the day i was born and will continue to walk this road til the day i die...every once in awhilei stop on the road to look around...and i notice that the scenery has changed since last i stopped to look...sure some things remain similar but never exactly the same...a taint or scratch will mar a once familiar scene...but now i stop and look and there is a's as if the steps i've taken and the steps to be taken are merging...

a battle is fought between my future self and my past self...on the one hand my past self wants to continue the way things have always gone in my life...cuz that self is afraid to looks at change as conforming to the way people say life future self wants change...wants something new to thrive on because if the past was so good then it would have continued into the present and into the future or would not be the past at all...but it is...2 sides constantly pulling for different results...and the one being torn is the present...

i'm torn between the romantic and the cynic...telling myself that 'once upon a times' are kept for children but 'happily ever after' is up for's like watching the world through rose coloured glasses that aren't my prescription...and still i stand between being the man i want to be and the boy that wants to live in never neverland...change my scenery

song of the moment: Hey Jude by The Beatles

thank you come again
stay clean kids...cuz there are a lot of potholes in the road ahead