Monday, April 26, 2010

don't call the cops

so i get on the bus...and sure enough it's crowded but i get lucky and find a double seat to myself...two stops later a girl gets on and sits beside me...and immediately strikes up conversation with me...blah blah blah we get to the bus terminal and this is where we part ways til she asks where i'm going...i say i'm going to the other side to catch a bus south...she asks if i'm taking the 183 south...coincidentally i am

so we get on the next bus together sit down and continue talking...two stops before i'd get off for work she turns to me and says can i give you my number...sure i this point she reaches into her bag to find a pen and paper...and in her search she pulls out the Math 30 textbook...and in my mind i wipe my hands of the situation

why am i irresistable to high school girls but in my age bracket aren't looking lol

oh and she texts me everyday telling me to get over myself...oh high school girls

Saturday, April 17, 2010

first step

it's like time has stopped
it's like time has stopped and gravity has reversed
where instead of the us pushing on the world
it's the world that pushes on us

it's a point where there are many roads
but some are under construction
others seem impassable
others shrouded in a fog
and yet more seem to lead places unknown

life doesn't feel like the game of strategy
where you can set up your moves
hoping nothing gets in your way
it feels more like SORRY!
where all the progress can be made
but in a moment taken away
but life does not apologize

i have a lot of faith in direction
but today above all it feels so strained
won't break but it's bending
if only i knew i could make a move that wouldn't be countered
or a teammate to play-along

first cut is the deepest
first step is the hardest
the foot is in the air
but where will it fall

i'll just put the blame on gravity

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chemistry not Science

so in the last 4 weeks i've heard a combination of 'she's not your type' or 'you're not her type' 5 first it's ok to hear...cuz it's really no big deal...but the more you hear it...the more frustrating the word 'type' becomes...

this gets frustrating for two reasons...i'm not a hundred percent sure what my type is...but how would you know what it is better then me...let alone what my type would even be...secondly (and this is not said in any anger to those that have said it) isn't whether i'm someone else's type up to them...i've never heard it from the person just someone's opinion on it...and that one regardless of who it is hurts to hear

from talking to a friend of mine about this...we decided that even if you have a 'type'...there are definately allowances that get made...if i look at the people i've dated i wouldn't say all of them are the same...some would have similar characteristics...but not even close to being the same person...i just wish this type thing wouldn't be such a big part in seems to make it more science then chemistry