Tuesday, April 25, 2006

what age do i act

You Are 14 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

there you have it i'm 14...all because i'd watch Spongebob Squarepants and to be a video game tester...otherwise i would have had to lie...oh well judge for yourself...how old do you think i am...reasons would be awesome...cuz they're probably funny

Thank you come again
Stay Clean kids...i'm going to watch SpongeBob Squarepants

Monday, April 24, 2006

So Here's to the Good Times

September came and i was moving into my house and i thought this would be awesome...cooking for myself and living away from campus...only to find that everything i was looking for was still there...i made life long friends in the dorms there...i was there so much that the dormies actually thought that i lived there...and i felt like i did too

Originally they were guys to study with and just to hang with while at school...But they became more than that...into friends that i'll talk to til this mouth gives out on me...cuz it gets a lot of wear and tear out of me...oh to guys dorm and the randomness that became our norm everyday...to D&D, to pizza and to poker...and whatever we did there

To the girls...to letting me bother you guys for countless hours during each day of each week...for helping me procrastinate...and helping me understand girls just a little bit better...but i'm sure you guys will change before i get to use any of my knowledge anyway...to watching movies on your couches, talking about...(well we won't get into that), to walks at one in the morning, and to cards...it's good for aggression

Thank you to everyone who made this year into the year that it was...I can't thank you enough because then this blog would go on for another hundred pages...i'll see you later...even if you don't think i will...i have maps of Canada

Song of the moment: "Konstantine" by Something Corporate...cuz it played the entire time i wrote this blog
quote of the day: "Here's to the good times and Here's to the Last Time and Here's to Tomorrow and the Things that i don't know..." Sean Wood

Thank you come again
Stay Clean Kids...even you need help ask the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim cuz they gave the Calgary Flames a good wipedown last night

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lost in Translation...The Tale of Wendianese

So today, Denek and Victor and I are moving around the last of Victor and Denek's stuff...you know end of the year prep and we decide when we're done to go for a drive...to Leduc...which we never made it to but did however get to the airport...and then decided to grab some food...what we came across was a Wendy's and hilarity ensued

Denek orders and there is no problem...i go and ask for the double cheese burger combo without lettuce, onion or tomato...blank stare and he says something that i didn't understand and i say "straight fries"...we continue he says something i didn't understand and i say sure...again something i don't understand but i heard "cheese" so i say no just cheese...and then i hear sour cream...and i say no sauce is fine...I'm done i pay it's over...Victor goes

What i get is this a burger with everything still on it and, get this, a baked potato with cheese on it...and i just about die laughing cuz not all makes mostly sense...so instead of fries i have a potato...and this is like a potato that is worse than any cafeteria potato ever made b4...so i fill out a comment card and explain what happened and told them that if they want to contact me to call this number (780) 722-2690...to find who's number this is call it yourself...actually don't it's Darren's and i need a job from him...anyway this story makes me laugh and hopefully you will to...and maybe learn the ancient language of Wendianese

Song of the Moment: "Globes and Maps" by Something Corporate
Quote of the Day: "Yeah Eric and i had a lot of sausage in the past 12 hours" -Scottie G

Thank you come again
Stay Clean Kids...it's muddy season

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Greek...You're Dead to Me

And have been for over 1800 years...ahh the ancient dead language of Greek ain't it fantastic...for all of you out there that are pre-sem you gotta take this class...but wait you not only have to take it but get a C...so while the pass in the class is 40...yeah 40...you need a 55 to pass in essence...damn don't that suck

And for the current greekies D-Day is here 5 hours and counting and what are you doing with your time...studying til there's not brain tissue left...well except me...and my t-shirt tells me i'm a slacker so there you go...so study hard...good luck...and if you're reading this after the test...it's all over congrats...see you in Hebrew...which is even more dead than Greek and backwards...so have fun

song of the moment:"Those Words Are Not Enough" by Relient K
quote of the day:"It feels like everytime i look at something new something else falls out the other side"- Stephen Bartlett...while studying for Greek...of course...what else would he be talking about

!Naiga uoy knaht
Sdik naelc yats

Figured i'd have fun with soem hebrew thinking

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hey I Think I Can See My House From Here

Happy Easter to my fabulous readers...i warn you that this will be along post so grab some snacks, a drink and maybe even a blanket if you need a power nap...cuz i'm going to talk about the weekend that was Easter in Lloydminster...dun dun dun...the views posted in this blog are mine...duh...so my opinions are completely shared by all those that were present...no matter what they say

Day one...Wednesday...i arrive at girl's dorm and meet Marty...the 3-yr olds mum...that's who i stayed with...so we pile into the car...it's Marty, the 3-yr old. Lady Choco, M&M, and meself (your fearless leader...leader of what i have no idea just go with me)...we start driving and we're listening to Riley Armstrong, Relient K and Jimmy Eat World...and during the drive we find that the 3-yr old wrestles cows to practice for Rugby and all about the difference between duallies and singlies...trucks with four wheels in the back and two...and that LadyChoco has the worst case of ADHD known to man since...hey look i have an MSN message...oh crap where was I...of yeah so we arrive in LLoyd and rent "An Unfinished Life" only because they didn't have Meatballs...honestly and they call themself a movie store disgusting...we watch it's not bad...it's brokeback mountain, except the cowboys are like 60 and not gay...and J-lo sucked huge

Day two...Thursday...woke up and watched RENT...525600 minutes...then we washed the 3-yr olds car...and i bought "the anatomy of tongue and cheek" by Relient K and a book written by Relient K...only to find that it's a book for girls about girls...not for me...but i'll read it anyway...cuz it's pretty funny...the afternoon was lazy...i went for a walk and saw my house in Ontario...and we went to church, so not a complete waste of the day...and then we went to Wal-Mart to play tag, and needless to say we had to make a hasty retreat because they were onto us and were going to kick us out...even when M&M went in disguised as me, it didn't help us at all...but oh it was fun anyway...especially when you pretend to be looking at shoes that are for 6-yr old girls so that you look like you're not upto something...and later we played Things...i had to keep it PG because marty was around...oh well another night...and then it happened i found myself in the middle of a game of "Girl Talk" which was awesome except the 3-yr old cheated at a game for 10 year old-s...but at her age we expect that

Day three...friday...we get up early and go to church...and head back to the house for the beginning of what became the theme of the week...reading the 5th Harry Potter outloud...and as a side note we have one more chapter to go...we went to Saskatchewan which is really far away and spent the day and night there...we played on golfcarts...kicked shoes into trees...and the weird thing is that all of our right shoes got stuck...i wrestled with LadyChoco...and she won...but only because M&M was biased against me...and tire fighting is not my forte...watching movies til the wee hours of the morning and star gazing...i miss the stars don' you?

Day four...Saturday...i awake and eat breakfast...and go to have a shower and realize...that i left my pants at home...but wait the pants i wore the day b4 the pants i had are gone...and immediately i know that something is up because the pants i have aren't mine and Lady Choco can't control her laughter...so what happened is the 3-yr old wanted me in her pants...so they took my pants and gave me hers while i slept...what i can after awhile i complied and wore her pants...and yes here pants are too big...then i got my pants back...and then we went back to Alberta which took forever...that afternoon we watched X2 for the first time that day and studied...yes studied i admit it...i studied...had an awesome night watched X2 again and fell asleep to the usual sounds of the 3-yr old and LadyChoco "warming themselves up"...Mom knows what i'm talking about

Day five...Sunday...woken early to go to Crack of Dawn service which started outside...brrr cold...easter breakfast so good...home again...waffles and burgers...naps which were broken by the girls because they are jealous of my naps cuz they couldn't have one...that's right i said it...Dinner at 2:30 was awesome...the drive home was uneventful except Harry Potter once again defeated the Dark Lord and all is right with the world...back home again and let the studying begin...oh yeah and i was in two places at once...my right was in Alberta and my left in Saskatchewan...eat your heart out Mandy Moore

Song of the day: "The One I'm Waiting For" by Relient K
Quote of the day; "Sometimes you gotta be patient and believe that God knows what he's doing...he's the only guy i know who understands them"- Bill Moffett

Thank you come again
Stay Clean Kids...you are totally scrubbing down the shower

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Final day of Classes

So here it is the last day of classes...hope you attended more classes than i did...cuz if you didn't "wow" i salute you...well not actually but wow...anywho all that's left is the finals...dun dun dun...those things at the end that say whether you pass the class or not...and for all you greekies out there you need a C...or you need to figure out ther rest of your life...umm YAY!!...But for some this is the final day of class at Concordia and i thank them all for amazing year that they've made this...so Sunny and Mom thank you...really i mean it

not only is the end of the school year here but also Easter...and as of yesterday i was told how to dress for that...wear whatever you want for Maundy Thursday, fof Good Friday be somber...i disagree and so does Victor(doug from previous post) wear bright stuff you should be happy...and for easter sunday...wear bright colours again...it's happy day...anyway and now you have fashion according to the 3-yr old...yay

Yo Happy Birthdays to Denek and Froot Loop...you're both old...yay..."Might solve a mystery, or re-write histroy...Ducktales A Woo Hoo"

yeah and boys can totally do some things better than girls (this will comment will get me shot) don't believe everything people wear on shirts except me...if you've seen my shirts you'll know why

Song of the Moment: Here Comes Your Boyfriend by The Buckners...this song is so funny check it out on Pandora
Quote: "Even the Guatamalan bums wouldn't eat Guatamalan ice cream...they're not that desperate"- Roommate4

Thank you come again
Stay Clean Kids...or at least wipe up afterwards i might want to sit there sometime

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Two posts in a Day...Unheard of

Not so, good folks here it is...so i sit here in the library...listening to music on the internet...and i've discovered a new evil...Pandora...it's so simple you go there tell them a band or song you like and they give you stuff that sounds like it...and with me that's dangerous because discovering new bands for me is bad...because then i buy a lot of CDs and that's not good for the old bank account...but if you go there and you do this...it's like picking your own radio station.

Anywho so tonight is the final greek class and i'm stoked and it will be awesome...because it's the last one...YEAH!!!that's gonna be awesome if i can ever understand this language without cracking a textbook or a lexicon then the world is coming to an end...Oh and on a happier thought next year is Hebrew...a language that's even more dead than greek...let's face there's the new testament and there's the old...the language of the old must be more dead...it's logical...ah the ramblings of a crazed pre-sem...i'm out

song-"I believe in you" by Big City Rock
quote: "Eric if God didn't want us to dye our hair then he wouldn't have made hair dye" -Beth Moffett...her explanation to dying her hair like denis rodman

Thank you come again
stay clean kids...shower too

This One's For You

My dad told me one thing as i was growing up...he looked at me and said "Eric, I want you to have a better life than me" and i always looked at him and said "How can i have a better life than working in The Beer Store"...what can i say i was 6 and never realized what he was saying...well today...my dad lost his job...he'd held it for 30 years and now it's gone...he phoned me this morning and i knew that something was wrong because he didn't hit his usual subjects of girls, sports, girls, sports and did I mention girls? he started with school and i asked him what's wrong and he told me...he has no idea what to do...he's not even 50 and he's completely lost...I ask you to pray for him because I don't know what else to do

My dad taught me how to play basketball before most kids could walk...he took me to every practice every game...even if he had to miss work...we'd go for coffee and a doughnut after and talk basketball...my dad puts his kids first...and always has...he laughs and makes everyone else laugh with him...and if you don't laugh...oh he'll make you...by way of tickling or just being so absurdly weird you can't help but laugh...He loves more than anyone i've ever known and smiles all the time...favourite way to answer the phone "happy acres, this is happy speaking, which of the happies would you like to talk to?" gotta laugh everytime i hear it...he's always been there for me...and there's nothing else i can ask of him

I ask you to pray for my dad

song: Life of a Salesman by Yellowcard
quote: "Eric, you'll know when a woman doesn't want to hear what you have to say...she'll start talking."