Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hockey Talk

so i'm ecstatic...those guys have put a huge smile on my face that will last all day...even the kid quieted the critics...i was impressed i won't lie...that feeling when the puck crossed the line and the first person jumped out of their seat...i was right behind was like a huge weight was lifted up off my shoulders and out of my amazing wonderful feeling...though i don't know what those guys feel like who are getting on airplanes tonight to go play their NHL games tomorrow or tuesday

so before today's gold medal win by Canada only one player had ever won a gold medal, a stanley cup, the world juniors and the Memorial Cup *(which is the junior league championship in Canada)...and that man was Scott Neidermeyer...but as of today there are now two...and he did it all in 5 years...can you name him? come on i'm sure you can find out

talk to you tomorrow

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reasons I Love Canada

1)Cuz there is no part of the land that isn't pretty at least one time of the year...i've seen a lot of Canada and it's true...though i'm still yet to see Manitoba at a pretty time...but i think it can happen

2)We can have 13 gold medals the most of any other country...but if we don't beat the USA in hockey the olympics are a bust lol...we are so passionate it's blinding...and awesome

3)Everybody likes us...come on sure we get poked fun at but hey it's just cuz they're jealous that they aren't us and can't be us

4)Beer Commercials

5)Every province is distinct...they all have their own flavour...saskatchewan's happens to be a lil grainy but hey good for's like 13 lil countries in one

6)french i never got to take part in this but i think it's amazing that anywhere in this country you can learn the majority of your schoolwork in the second language of our country...regardless of the fact that quebec is so far away from where you might be and how lil french is used outside of it...maybe the states should do spanish immersion think about it...but then they'd be copying our awesomeness

7)the girls...i won't lie i love the canadian girls...for multiple reasons

Friday, February 26, 2010

like lightning when it strikes
and roots you to the floor
but you don't know what you were without it
so you come out wanting more

from the first time when it hit you
when you were really young
when you felt like a fighter
when the first round bell was rung

to when many days have passed
and you come out feeling old
and that feeling that's inside you
has hot luke warm now cold

but there's a stirring inside you
that says give it another chance
the choice is do you stay in you chair
or hit the floor and dance

but you know that when you got it
there's no other like it in the world
it's what keeps the world fresh
singing songs about a girl

Thursday, February 25, 2010

fruits of our labour

i'm posting this before i go to bed so it's still the same day for me lol...but anyways

so i wanted to write everyday to help cultivate the writing process...constantly writing to boost the one ability in my songwriting that in my opinion lacks...and tonight it friend came over and after 30 seconds of some simple playing he says 'wanna write a song' we was good...felt organic...and i'll feel bad if we kept my roommate up...but it was's rough...but hey what great things start as perfect...other then i'm elated...

the bird with a French Fry

talk to you tomorrow

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

if i could read your mind

so i'm reading eragon and within a boy comes into contact with a dragon egg it hatches and hilarity ensues...but this boy can only communicate with the dragon is through telepathy...and my first thought was that that's a pretty cool idea...i've always liked the idea of telepathy...being able to communicate without words...knowing what others are thinking...especially the females...ha...

but then i think about it...and while a cool idea...not a good one...if i knew what those around me were thinking would it be just too much...would i be close to the people i'm close with cuz maybe they had a bad thought of me early on...even though they didn't really know's just a crappy hurtle...that could have tripped some amazing people that have become a big part of my life...

and i've also learned that there are countless ways to communicate when words just won't say you know what i don't need to be able to read your mind...that gives a little mystery...and i like solving mysteries...i'm the third Hardy Boy don't you know...or the male version of Nancy Drew if that makes more sense to you

talk to you tomorrow

Monday, February 22, 2010

forgot how much i love fantasy...

no not that kind of sister reads this...but fantasy books...and it's weird cuz what's the only thing added to the world...magic...but magic seems to do a lot to a story...i don't know what it is...but there is something about fantasy story writing that just makes the story 'pop'...out of the page and prejecting fluid images that i almost feel like i'm a part

and now i'm not saying that i dislike the other forms of writing cuz i read all of them...well harlequin romance yet...but something fantasy speaks to me in a way the others cant...and i don't think it's jsut cuz of the geeky side of me either

talk to you tomorrow

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Under the Covers

so i started reading a book last i've seen the movie but the book did come first...and i liked the movie it was good (someone out there hated it) if i were to judge this book i would expect a good story in a fantasy based world...but opening the book and reading just the first 40 pages...i was blown away...this has exquisite detail and it gripped me right away...this is gearing up to be something i really like and be a favourite for awhile...i can't always judge a book by it's cover...cuz the actual content could blow me away

talk to you tomorrow

Friday, February 19, 2010

i saw her today at the reception
a glass of wine in her hand
i knew she was going to meet her connection
at her feet was a footloose man

the room is bustling...people are everywhere...talking...laughing...some in conversation...some in out loud've found your's your seat cuz you've sat here's came with people you know...there's others in the room you know but you just want to stay with who you came with...the night goes on you look around and you see him across the room...but you go back to who's there with you...not giving it a second thought...

i wonder if that's how you see a passing glance across the room...not seeing the tree from the's hard to be so quickly ignored

you can't always get what you want
but if you try sometimes
well you just might find
you get what you need...
you get what you need

talk to you tomorrow

Thursday, February 18, 2010

new name

so i've picked the new name based on two things...number one is in how i define acoustic...for the most part when you hear a song you hear 5 different instruments, a vocalist, there's just a lot going on...but the acoustic version is when you strip it down to just the voice and an flash no bang...just the straight meaning and feeling of it...and i liked the thought of that...

and reason two...i'm a music guy it seems to work really well with my train of thought...the beginning of acoustically speaking

talk to you tomorrow

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what i'm listening to...

this are the albums i'm listening to right now...

no pads, no helmets just balls by simple plan...yeah i kind of took a step back with this one but i love...just makes the 13yr old inside me smile
Collision Course by Jay Z and Linkin good...the beats just make me want to dance everytime...and sometimes i do lol
the Beatles (White Album) by the so many great guitar parts and lyrics and artistic points...all around great that stuff

what are you listening to?

talk to you tomorrow

Monday, February 15, 2010

nhl to a close

well i was one point off from my prediction for the ducks...but we had to lose to calgary...ugh for many reasons...but now immediately after the great tournament we call the olympics the trade deadline will be 2 days later...and that's going to be the big run to the finish line for a lot of teams...

olympics are going to be awesome...and it's the only time you'll see me cheer for guys like iginla, staal and crosby...well unless they played each other...then i'd have to cheer for one of them...

it's going to be crazy in the hockey schedule for the next months...oh i love's awesome...sports are great...

talk to you tomorrow

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Sort of Sonnet

the twinkle in my sky
the flash that holds the eye
when the heart begins to pound
and silence seems so loud
the mind begins to race
but leaves nothing in its place
when all i want to say
yet on my lips those words decay
an accidental touch
when one moment is not enough
time ceases to exist
and all that's left is this
when the world feels so unReal
is it a spark i only feel?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

i love the olypmics

they've started finally after all this time...years and years of waiting and they're here...and stevie nash got to be a part of lighting the player lighting the winter olympic torch awesome...oh and wayne gretzky, catrina le may doan and rick hansen were there too...but steve...awesome

so i've watched a lil ski jump today...and these guys are crazy jumping on nothing but 15 foot pieces of fiber glass 100metres...100 metres travelling downward...insane...and some long track speed skating...guys skating 5km...not as exciting...but what i'm learning from this cuz apparently i haven't seen enough of this before is that even though the winter olympics have fewer events then their summer counterpart...they have more extreme events...or that's just my point of view...

freestyle moguls tonight but i'm going to my second ever thunder away game...go boys...need a big win tonight

talk to you tomorrow

Friday, February 12, 2010

i want to sleep

so for like a week i have been having the worst in bed at 1 not to fall asleep til 3 or falling asleep then waking up at 4 not to fall back asleep til like 6...i hate it...and it's not cuz of dreams cuz that's what it usually is...i don't know it's just happening...i actually slept on the futon last night...cuz my bed was just not working for me...usually i drink a glass of milk and i'm good but not even that will work...if you have advice on how to sleep let me know...hopefully tonight will be ok

and julia stiles dancing is weird...and apparently doesn't need to wear a bra

talk to you tomorrwo

Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 days of quiet

so roomie is gone to b.c. til next sunday which means i get the apartment to myself...which is cool...i don't need to worry about bothering him with what i'm doing...any messes that are there are mine so there is no underlying resentment...once i do the dishes that was left...though i was under an impression of them getting gone...but i was wrong...anywho that's for tonight/tomorrow before hockey...a downfall is that i need to get groceries but with no vehicle will make it really interesting...and the other side is that the apartment will be quiet...i don't do well by myself for an extended period of time...1 day of quiet is cool...but come saturday i might be losing it...

cuz sometimes silence is louder than noise...

talk to you tomorrow

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

changing the name

so i decided as i was about to write this i would change the name of the's been called 'a day in the life of a muffin' cuz that was my nickname for awhile (no i didn't pick that)...but i'm no longer the person known to many as 'muffin' so the name needs to i've taken that part out...and now i'm trying to think of something else to call this space...and i know that yes it should be something that speaks a lot to me...but i also believe that inspiration comes from many places and you my friends inspire me all the hey if you have ideas i'd like to hear yeah think about it...give lots of suggestions i would love them

talk to you tomorrow

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

almost didn't make it...

just made it under the lost in Fringe and reading...and then 18 minutes to midnight...and i had said i'd write two things could have happened...1) i let myself miss my it 'for sure' tomorrow...and keep going from there...2) i sit down and write something...

with option 1 what inevitably happens is that one small ripple will create a larger ripple...which means more missed days...and then i don't acheive my goal cuz of one small was so harmless...and maybe i'm blowing it out of proportion...but then again my experiences have taught me that small ripples become waves...

with option 2 i stick to what i've committed myself...i write to you and continue to gain whatever experience it is that i'm getting...and i continue to grow...i get a little more mature...little being the operative word there...

so i urge you to try and do the same...instead of giving in and creating a ripple...stay committed to what you've set in front of yourself...cuz you're only let one person

talk to you tomorrow

Monday, February 08, 2010

it sucks...

when you find out that a student is pulling out...not cuz they can't afford it...or cuz they are moving...or don't have the time...they're pulling out cuz they just don't want to try...they don't want to put in the effort...and you know what they have the talent to be one of my top students...but she never tried...and got nowhere...and it really hurts me

cuz since i've found out i've had this huge knot in my stomach and i wonder...could i have done more...should i have tried something different...a new approach...i don't know but it sucks...and i'm still going to be going over it tomorrow...ugh...i just wish i knew why

talk to you tomorrow

Sunday, February 07, 2010

That's What It's All About

i watched the super bowl today...and it was a great game...not just cuz the team i was hoping to win did...but just because it was overall a great game all the way through...and at the end you seem this swarm of people on the field...noise is everywhere...confetti flying...and through all of it i see the winning Quarterback holding his son...his son is wearing a minituarized version of his fathers...with noise depravating headphones...and dad is crying...and continues to say 'i love you' and kissing his child...

through everything going on...everyone coming to congratulate the MVP quarterback...the press trying to get a statement...he never takes his eyes from his son...he never puts him down...never stops saying 'i love you'...

i don't know what that says to you...but to me...that's what it's all about

talk to you tomorrow

Saturday, February 06, 2010


I love how i can say one thing and someone will spin in...and tell someone else and they'll spin it...and then tell one of the people which point it get an angry text saying...'did you tell this person this happened...why didn't you talk to me about it'...and you know i can see the chain in my head...and it just pisses me off a lil...cuz i remembering asking the first to take it in confidence...but of course fiances must know...and that fiance can't help but tell the other person...and i get angry messages...that i don't want or's just frustrating...

so i guess i have to do one of two things...1) not take you into confidence anymore...or 2) just realize that i can't talk so freely about some things...cuz eventually they will get out and i'll take major thank you for making me realize that one of these two things need to happen...i wish that i knew i had one person to talk to that would take things in confidence...that would be nice...

talk to you tomorrow

Friday, February 05, 2010

oh the Ducks

so you should know...if you don't already that i love sports...all of the point that i actually spent 6 hours watching a cricket game...and all of that was just ONE game...jeez...but of all the teams there is one i feel the most love for...sorry to the Jays, Raptors, Seahawks and Blue Devils...though the Blue Devils get close...the Ducks...yeah they are my fine-feathered friends...

but now they are still out of the playoffs...but the tide is turning...we are 3 points out and we can beat out teams like detroit and calgary...cuz let's face's detroit and's imploding and the other is just plain old...we got 4 games before the olympic break...LA (tough but thankfully at the Pond) Edmonton (ha) calgary (imploding remember) and edmonton again (thank you) i'm calling my shot now...Ducks at the break are 30-34-8...and in the playoffs...quote it...i love those ducks...

they are the best bird team in hockey;) the best

talk to you tomorrow

Thursday, February 04, 2010

come back

sometimes if you love something you have to let it go...and hope that it will come back to you...

Globes & Maps
by Something Corporate

Light breaks underneath a heavy door
And I try to keep myself awake
Fall all around us on our hotel floor
And you think that you've made a mistake
And there's a pain in my stomach from another sleepless binge
And I struggled to get myself up again

I wanna hang onto something
That won't break away or fall apart
Like the pieces of my heart

And globes and maps are all around me now
I wanna feel you breathe me
Globes and maps I see surround you here
Why won't you believe me?
Globes and maps they charter your way back home
Do you wanna leave or somethin?

And dreams came around you in a hazy rain
You opened your mouth wide to feel them fall
And I write a letter, from a one-way train
But i don't think you'll read it at all

And globes and maps are all around me now
I wanna feel you breathe me
Globes and maps I see surround you here
Why won't you believe me?
Globes and maps they charter your way back home
Do you wanna leave or somethin?

And I can't take this anymore
Well I know that I can't take this anymore
I can't take this anymore
Cuz I know someday I'll see you walk out that door

And globes and maps are all around me now
I wanna feel you breathe me
Globes and maps I see surround you here
Why won't you believe me?
Globes and maps they chart your way back home
So Do you wanna leave? Do you wanna leave?
Globes and maps they chart your way back home
Do you wanna leave or somethin?

...i hope someday you will come back

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cool Stuff

i have this job...i teach guitar to kids, youth, adults...basically all ages...when i got the job i thought it was amazing that i could teach guitar and get paid for it...but needless to say that over time i seemed to have become jaded to how wonderful my job really is...i went to work and did it...did it well...but i lost the joy in what i was doing...

but today after my lesson with Paul (an 8 year old kid who just started learning guitar in september) we had spent 30 minutes on 'All to Myself' by Marianas Trench...he says 'we learn some pretty cool stuff'...we learn some pretty cool stuff...and it's like a light turned on...we learn some pretty cool stuff...the thing i had been taking for granted is awesome...i get to teach kids to be the rock stars they want to be...yes they are bonified rock stars...cuz they think they're rock stars...

so i don't know if this will be a brief state of enlightenment...but i really hope it's not...i feel great about what i do...and if this is how i can feel just sometimes...i want to be doing this for the rest of my life...

we learn some pretty cool stuff

talk to you tomorrow

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Groundhog Day

so today is the magical day in which rodents everywhere stick their heads out of their holes and look around and then tells whoever picks it up whether it saw its shadow or not...if it sees its shadow we got another six weeks of winter...if not then winter is over now...and my thought is this in Miami when the groundhog comes out of the hole and sees its shadow do you think their upset...thinking 'oh no i have to wear a long T for a lil while...come on they can't be that worried about winter for another 6 weeks...and my thought is that the groundhog in Edmonton must see 4 shadows cuz we have winter here forever...

so i looked it long has groundhog day been around...since the 18th century...only celebrated in canada and the u.s....but its ties are from europe and how a sacred badger would forecast the sacred badgers aside...we took an idea and said alright we like this let's put our own spin on it...but apparently no could find a badger so they picked the next best thing...a groundhog...i think it would have been better to use a beaver or a squirrel...or even a chihuahua...just for comedy...i don't know where this groundhog thing came from but i want to see a badger...or a bear...

and in other news...Edmonton won it's first day of 2010 and it only took them a month...good work beat Carolina...

Talk to you tomorrow

Monday, February 01, 2010

An Experiment

Alright so i've decided that since i have so much free time on my hands i would try something out...everyday from hence forth i will write something...i'll talk about something just to talk...i have no idea what i'll be talking about i'll just let the moment move me...and hopefully it will help me lyrically...but today is day one...

so i've gotten into this show 'the buried life' on MTV...4 guys travel america to finish their list...a list of things to do before they die...and yes the things they've done on the show so far are 'go to a party at the playboy mansion' 'make a toast at a stranger's wedding' 'ask out the girl of your dreams' (which happens to be megan fox) it sounds dumb...but the thing about this that i really like is that for everything on their list that they did they would help someone that met along the way to cross something off their list...they've raised money to help a classroom get new computers...reunited a father with his estranged son...and they aren't doing this stuff to be goofy or attention...they seem very honest about what they're i'm impressed that MTV has been able to put out something that seems very uplifting

and it's made me thing things i'd like to do...and there are things that you might think are obvious like get married, have a family...but i'd like to go skydiving, visit ireland, learn to dance (not just bounce around like i do), sail, learn to cook lol...and so on and so forth

so if you've read this i want to know...what do you want to do before you die?

Talk to you Tomorrow