Monday, December 29, 2008

366 Days 2 Hours

2008 will be the longest year of my life to you can see i get a couple extra hours tacked on to my year for finishing in a time zone 2 hours later then the one i started the year in...but that's fine...the year has felt longer for many more reasons...and i'm in phase of looking back on what this year has been and remembering the resolutions i made that didn't make it past day one...ah the times...

But i also look back and see the wonderful things that God has given me...and maybe it's not what he's given me but what he has truly taught me to the D&D Table, LadyC and the Three Year have been constantly a blessing to my life and i can't thank you enough for being a part of it...i hope you all will for a long time to come...

God has placed me into an organization where i can truly excel at what i music is now more then just a shower song...or room with a few friends...but it's reaching people and touching them...and i can't thank God enough for this oppurtunity and the amazing blessing of teammates that he has given to me...3 people who also strive for the best push me to get better...especially my partner in musical crime...

what will 2009 hold for me...will it be more of the same...will it be better...will it encompass the many dreams and hopes that i have for my life...i guess i'll have to live through it to find out...but there will be old and there will be new...even though the 3yr Old thinks there should be no old...what do you mean by that 3yr old?..anyways i will stay and write cuz you's for you that i continue cuz if i felt you weren't here i would quit...i love you and always miss you all

song of the moment: Sour Grapes by Sean Wood

thank you come again
stay clean want to look good for the new year

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pictures Say 1000 Words...This Moment Needs None

Time Stops but the World Keeps Spinning
and I'm Stuck in this Moment With You

Can you imagine that moment...where you're with someone and everything just seems to stop but what you have right there...nothing and i do mean nothing matters outside of that's like in the movies where two people catch eyes and you see the fire and the people walking past them seem to speed's that moment where all you have is that...nothing more but you don't need more

Does that moment truly exist...can we find someone that causes that moment to just there one person that can make me realize that everything else doesn't it someone i've never met before or someone i already know...but can the moment happen or have we all become so jaded that fairy tales stay in the pages of children's fiction, songs written by tortured songwriters and dreams...

I choose to believe that that moment can exist and you know when that moment does exist i'll know that nothing and no one else will matter more then that moment...and only then will i truly know that i will never be alone again...i really hope this moment exists...i really want it to...or my song goes for nothing...and it becomes another lie to be written into my black book of stains...i don't want another lie...i don't write those anymore cuz Yesterday's Forgotten

Give me a moment like that...i hope you find one too

song of the moment: Kindly Unspoken by Kate Voegele...for those moments where words aren't needed

Thank you come again
Stay Clean might want to look nice when it happens