Friday, March 31, 2006

Math 102...Math for Idiots...This Means ME

So I had a test today in Math 102...everyone says that this class is simple that it's for idiots and that you don't have to show up to know what's going on...well let's start with last night

Denek and Doug and myself were getting together to study for this math test...we expected to be out of here quick like going up against a horde of goblins with a vorpal's overkill...well we started and we immediately did 2 things wrong we overthought the simple questions and underthought everything else...adding...grade 4 adding...we could not do...anything past 10 was a mystery to was like a one-legged possum on the highway...we didn't stand a chance...10+10+21=51...or so we thought...moment of stupidity was when the kettle fell of the table...wait ten secs and "OH there's water coming out"...but we finished studying by 9:30 early and we thought we were good

Come Friday we're confident we know our stuff...but nothing could prepare us for what was about to happen...the test was as shocking as a newborn being ripped from it's mother's uterus and being spanked...and we walked away with a sense of wetness stickiness and we were was bad...the first page was good...the second was blank...third page see second page...fourth page same as the third just a little be louder and a little bit worse...fifth page...hey i understand i go back and i start to work through the test...and realize i'm missing the all important code i get that and needless to say...i filled it all in...but it was bad...the horrors were many and casualties are still being all of you out there don't take this course...or if you do go to class...and study's hard...they lie...they reel you in but then they strap on the blindfold, spin you around and tell you to write down Pi...all of it

Wow so the last 15 hours have been filled with math...Doug is just a giggling pile of jelly and now is going over the math that was...and Denek is just a shell of man...a shadow of his former self...and i well i'm thankful to still be here..we used to make fun of the people that thought that 5x12 was 50...but now we know...we know their pain...and Thothy was right "2+2 is 4...2+2is 4"

Song of the day: "Love and Trust" Our Lady Peace
Quote; "How's you colon...cuz my anus is bleeding"

thank you come again
stay clean...and don't take this class
this means you rodimus

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Snip Heard Around the World

Tomorrow at 1:00 I ask all of you to take a moment of silence...because that's the appointment for the cuttage of the's been with us the entire year...and sadly will be departing tomorrow...don't cry for those tears for yourself

So as i sit here talking to LadyChoco and Froot Loop i laugh because their nicknames are almost as ridiculous as random thought caught on blog

But remember a moment of silence for the hair would be much appreciated

Song of the Moment: Why by CM...look for an album in the future

thank you come again
stay clean kids...even with the door closed

Monday, March 20, 2006

Why Do You Hang Out With the Muffin...and Meatballs

So as i sit here i wonder..."why do people hang out with me?" i've thought this before but once again it comes to mind so i but myself before all of readers and ask...Why affiliate yourself with me?

I look at myself objectively and this is what i see...a 12 year old stuck in a 19 year-olds body...immature to the core...make jokes at inappropriate times...i try to be funny at times but usually it's just lamme that...anywho...i listen to people most of the time and try to help with problems...but to me i just feel like i'm being a jerk most of the time

Really look at me i'm not overly hair is "too" long...whatever that means...i'm musical...i'm a hippy with a guitar...i can sing...most of the time in a key

I don't know why i ask these questions it's just a question i ask myself what is it that people find "cool" in me that they want to hang out with me...but that's enough of that

So song of the moment is FM Static's "Definately Maybe" off of the album "What are you Waiting For?...if you like TFK you'll love these guys

Quote: I tell you,it just doesn't matter! Even! Even if we win...If we win! Ha!
Even if we play so far over our heads...that our noses bleed for a week to ten days...even if God in heaven above...comes down and points His hand at our side of the field...even if every man, woman and child...held hands together and prayed for us to just wouldn't matter...because all the really good-looking girls...
would still go out with a guy from Mohawk...cause they got all the money!!!

Scene from "Meatballs" if you haven't seen it please makes me smile

Thank you come again
Stay clean children

Monday, March 13, 2006

By LadyChoco with help from The 3 Year Old

Under the current circumstances that have been made available to us due to the lack of intelligence on Muffins part, we have decided to speak against his previous opinions.

First of all, The 3 Year Old feels that #3 on Riley Armstrong's CD (presently Muffins acclaimed favourite) is the closest thing to country by this artist.

To add to that, for someone who doesn't appreciate country's 'originality', it is kind of ironic that you would go an BUY your own country CD, eh?

And I recall a time when you sang a country song for an entire day, one that, when you came over, you'd request to be played. Hmmmmmmm, I dunno, but to me, this sounds as if you ENJOY it! (and just for all those curious Georges out there, the song was Whiskey Lullaby)

And, The 3 Year Old agrees with me- what is the difference between a guy singing about his cellphone and someone singing about a truck? They are still inanimate objects- cellphones are the new truck. Not really, but you get the point.

And The 3 Year Old would like to point out that Muffins fav band- Relient K- when they are not talking about God, are singing about girls, girl's moods, and how girls and guys relate. Its interesting to see his perception on what country is "all about"

We'd like to conclude our blog to Muffin with the truth - BOYS LIE . . . They always have ULTERIOR MOTIVES, no matter what they may say. Sure, some girls come to trust guys, but that can (at times) prove to be foolish.

I think it is best that I stop now before I get carried away and say things that may come to either offend someone or cause controversy (though I hear that's what people like now a days)

-the truth can hurt . . . But so can lies-

Country...need i say more

There's a form of music out there right now that's different...yes that's the word i'll's called some of you out there will be thinking that i'm going to bash country into the lifeless pulp it shouldbe...i mean i'm going to be objective looking at both the positive and well what here we go i hope you enjoy

so as i sit here and listen to country i evaluate what i'm hearing...the NItty Gritty Band "Fishin' in the Dark"...what do i hear a nasal singer...a band with an acoustic, banjo, simple drum set and a bass,,,and a washboard...yes a washboard...hmmm not to musically sound...but not bad...i'm slightly biased so this should be taken with a grain of salt...or chocolate if you're's my fault if you get instrumentally weird but original

the lyrics are well corny to say the least...come on if your can find my a song that doesn't talk about a dog, a truck, a woman or a man...well congrats you've moved out of country music...the first person that can give me one...and let me hear it...will get a be named later...anywho they're corny...not bad just different and by different i mean funny and by funny i mean ridiculous...but still different

anywho i can't completely crush country because i'm using LadyChoco's comp to write this so here goes...this is gonna be is not that was is a legitimate type of music not for everyone but for some it's good and i enjoy it...Lonestar and Brad Paisley are pretty wanna watch a good video "whiskey lullaby" by brad paisley will make you cry or feel sad...i don't have a heart or so i've been not there i've said it...i'm going to go listen to Meat Loaf or Yellowcard or Creed...or something i feel kind of icky

song of the day: Cell Phone by Riley dog, no truck no girl, no man, no love nothing but a cell phone

thank you come again...and remember kids stay clean

Friday, March 10, 2006

Pick Your Battles

So in my many years of experience on this Earth and through countless encounters with the fairer sex...i have learned an invaluable lesson...PICK YOUR BATTLES...if it looks like you're in any way gonna lose the battle...walk away...if it looks like you're gonna win but she'll be really mad at you...walk away...if it looks like the "point" isn't going to worth much...walk away...

It's an all important lesson that all men should learn because someday we're going to try to fool one of the fairer sex into thinking that we're actually in the event that the conversation is going badly give up...and walk away...There are no exceptions to these rules...unless a couple things are called into question: your religion, your mom or your...well that's about it...just follow these and everything else should be fine

HMMM...oy yeah so Mum...or known as Mummy...did a nice little booty shake that resulted in a slap from LadyChoco...ha ha ha

qoute of the day comes from Vagabond "i wear the pants in the relationship, she just picks them out" thanks you Vagabond

thank you come again

Thursday, March 09, 2006

So i Have a blog

Welcome to the blog of one called Muffin...the man formerly known as Eric...

anywho i now have a you can see...or you wouldn't be here right now...anyway right now i'm sitting in girl's dorm with my friends Rod, Lauren and Steve...OH yeah and Krysta is here too...What's happening is Steve and Rod are right now fighting with each other with get this...quotes from "Titus"...Car still Heavy boy...Err...

oh yeah i passed my greek mid-term with a C+ so i won't be digging my grave quite yet so all of you that want my t-shirts will have to wait a little longer...and no Krysta i won't let you bury me in your pants...Rod just did the cabbage patch thrusting uncoordinately like a quailltard...Err...I'm listening to country so the main fact that i'm still conscious is amazing...hey so far so good on the blog thing...Rod wants everyone to move to Saskatchewan and Steve just put a height restrction on grow quicker!!!...

JP is here and we have our quote of the day..."You're only crazy if the voice in your head is your mothers"...Rod just made the secret signal for "i want to get with that girl and i don't want you to say anything about it"...needless to say i fell to the floor and started crying from laughter...Krysta and Rod are cureently comparing the War in Iraq to the lack of signals that girls send to guys saying "BACK OFF JERKFACE"...I think Rod missed his calling as a southern country singer...

In the event of Lauren ever becoming fat it's all my fault...and Krysta is a huge fan of incest...because she said that Lauren and her sister Kyla should be married...Dogs have fins when you make a cardboard fin and attach it on...Rod and Krysta are about to get it on...if you don't hear from me's because i've gone to a better place...anywhere but here...

For those of you that don't know who these people are i apologize but i'm sure you'll come to know them in time...cuz i'm sure we'll be talkiing about this again...Hey CW...anywho...

Rod and Lauren just had a little roll around on the took 30s for Rod to start heavy breathing and a minute before he got sweaty and by 1.5 min he was done and Steve was satisfied

Anywho i'm done

Happy NON-DATE Amanda...i mean never mind

oops...krysta made me say it...