Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Reading Week: Wednesday 21

I don't know what happened...but whatever it was it happened so fast i can't properly put all the pieces together...but here's what i can remember...

I began searching for Gilbert today because he's been missing for almost two days now...and i'm an RA if kids skip i need to know where they are...though i never believed that Gilbert was skipping...i was in his room looking for any clue of where he could possibly be...Rod popped in for a few minutes it was good to see him out when he left he said he'd be back shortly...i didn't like the way he said it...then Steve walked in with that look in his eyes and i got a chill running down my spine...i was incredibly happy when he left saying he had to go grab something but he'd be back...

I turned around to continue to search the room when whatever it was came from was a person but it was moving far too fast too be human...I don't know where I'm hurt but i know i won't last much longer...i just want you to know one thing before i can't write anymore...i always hated you Vince...I always hated you the most

Quote of the Day: "Did you see us fight? No? Trap!!!" Mal
Song of the Moment: Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids

Reading Week: Tuesday 20

Is everyone so disallusioned?...why can't they see what's going on?...Am I the only one that can see that there is something very wrong with Dorm right now?...maybe it's all in my head...maybe i'm just letting my mind play tricks on me...maybe i've been sleeping too much...maybe it just my imagination...and then again maybe it's not

I'm currently thinking of barricading myself in my room until next monday and school will start and this will all just end up being a bad dream...a dream that lasted a week and won't end...a dream is exactly what i pray that it is...every moment of every waking minute

I saw Steve today with blood on him...i couldn't tell if it was his or someone or something else's...mostly cuz i'm not a doctor...i'm no House (who's enthralling)...but Steve is seriously beginning to worry me...a lot of lapses of consciousness and even his eyes have made me fear talking to him...cuz i'd have to make eye contact...i feel like he's going to do something terrible...if he hasn't already

Rod is still in his room...i hear the guitar every once in awhile...but outside of that it's like he's not there...and i can only assume that he's been affected by this as he became infected with whatever this is is beyond me...but i feel like it i the only that hasn't been...i hope Rod is ok...i don't want to be the only sane one...not that he was sane before but at least Rod "normal"

Gilbert hasn't been seen since lunch hour...i received a call from the high school asking to his whereabouts but he wasn't here and he wasn't there...i feel like this all links back to Steve...but it's just all speculation right now...but speculation is looking better and better every passing minute

check and for the other sides of the story

Quote of the Day:"Sometimes you feel like the rock in the middle of the river...everything around you is moving but you're standing still."
Song of the Moment 4 Words (to Choke Upon) by Bullet for My Valentine

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids

Monday, February 19, 2007

Reading Week: Monday 19

It's getting worse...whatever it's getting's beginning to affect Rod even...the little bit of time i see him outside of his room...i can tell it's getting to's not in how he carries himself but all in the eyes...they say the eyes are the window to the soul...what if someone used it as a door...

There's still Gilbert...who's now becoming not only the nagging feeling in the back of my mind...but he's trying to spend a lot of time with me and when i stop this...he goes to find someone else...and usually that person ends up being Steve...

Steve...that's another fear of mine...he's completely changed in the last couple days...from the WoW well arrogant...he walks with a swagger now...always looking around...not just to look around...but as if he's searching, watching, hunting maybe even...i was in his room earlier and for five minutes it's like he wasn't was like it was someone else...i'm becoming afraid for my friends that have no idea...

for the other sides of the story and

Quote of the Day: "I'm not worried about because if something goes wrong on the plane i have gum." Becker...apparently chewing gum on a plane will save you from all aircraft problems
Song of the Moment: Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Reading Week: Sunday 18

I awoke this morning to an alarm...something i haven't done in weeks...i was going to church with Rod and Steve...the drive was tense...the smallest comment from anyone seemed to set another person off...i feel like maybe we've spent too much time together...but maybe it's not the time we're spending together that's doing it to us...maybe it's something else...something sinister...

I tried to spend time apart from the others...but when there's only so many places you can be in dorm...they always seem to find me...i spent a few minutes today with Gilbert...the only person that seems to be staying sane...just so everyone knows Gilbert is a new high school kid...that lives in the empty room...wait Gilbert moved in the same day this all started...i wonder...Gilbert is odd though...he mumbles mostly...stares into our eyes like he's going for our soul...i don't like spending much time with him

Rod i haven't seen in 2 days...i'm scared to go talk to him because i don't know what he'll be like...his room is right above Gilbert's and Gilbert doesn't have bars on the windows...we have to get that fixed...

Steve on the other hand...has gone from quiet to overbearing and back to quiet...but i feel like his eyes are always on me...everywhere i go...Steve and Gilbert have been talking a lot...i feel uncomfortable around the two of them...i need to get out

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Quote of the Day:"something wicked this way comes..." a should read more if you don't know which book...cuz then you can tell me
Song of the Moment: Times Like These by the Foo Fighters

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids

Reading Week Log: Saturday 17

When i awoke at 11:00 it was like every other morning i woke up at 11...but the winds of change were upon me and little did i know that this day would mark the beginning of a 10 day span that would shape the rest of my...well the rest of my month...and so my story begins

I thought it would be fun to stay in dorm during Reading Week...not many people here...lot's of Daniel...and the loud noises that come from Steve's room at night...steve and i have an occurence this started as nothing...a mere lover's quarrel...if steve and i were lover's and we're not...completely hetero...over something silly like what the best flavour of Poptarts almost came to blows...but it'll be ok Steve and i realized that if we're to survive the week we most stay calm and collected at all times

The boys went out for dinner and it was well as free but that's beside the occured to me during dinner that i hadn't seen female life for most of the day...i believe i saw some when eating breakfast but how would i know... i was barely awake

The atmosphere in dorm has changed...if you ask me to describe the change...i'll tell you it feels like the calm before the storm...what this week holds in store will remain to be seen...i just hope that i'll be able to make it to recount the story not only accurately but coherently...a man's mind is easily distorted and the truth might not come out

This is my log...this is my testimony...if i don't make it you know what to do...blame steve

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Quote of the Day: "Spaghetti or Pancake...that is the question" Matty K
Song of the Moment: Freak Out by Avril Lavigne

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...for all of us

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What's My Path?

So as of late some of my friends have wondered "Is this for me?"..."How do i know this is what I'm supposed to do?"..."Is this the person for me?"..."Should i wear a hat or not?"...and when i give my advice they ask "well how do i know that's what i shoud do?"...well frankly how do you know you're not supposed to (i hope that's the right "to")

You don't do something because you aren't sure that it's meant for you to do...but hhow do you know it's do you know this isn't the one thing you're supposed to do...and i know what you're thinking if it's meant to be it's meant to be...that's predestination God gave us free will...we get to have a say in what happens...but that's a whole other post

If we see a fork in the road and we're afraid of both options...and we think as long as we put it off then we don't have to...we're wrong...we've made our decision we've decided to choose no longer let ourselves govern us but fear...i'd rather be in control then let something that could be, might be or may be

This is hard for everyone i realize...some people have intense fears and don't want to face them...but we never get anywhere new and exciting if we keep to what we're not afraid of...the world becomes very bland and safe...and we like a little danger don't we?...if we didn't we'd still be living with our parents and playing with Lego...not that Lego's safe...i should know it jumped down my throat one time

Quote of the Day: "Sometimes the hardest step is the first one..." Someone far smarter than me
Song of the Moment: Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance...picked up The Black Parade on's awesome

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...don't be afraid to get a little dirty from time to time

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Looking for a Kaydence

What does Kaydence mean...well if you spell it correctly (Cadence) it means-A progression of chords moving to a harmonic close, point of rest, or sense of resolution...moving to a point of rest...that's what i want right find a sense of move to the point where i see the entire picture and say that wasn't all that was actually good...but i need to find that point

But I've spelled it incorrectly on purpose...cuz it's the name of my new guitar...the misspelling would be as Dr. A would say poetic...if anything else...she's Orlando's little sister...and she's already helping find that resolution i'm looking for

I hope everyone is having a better week than last week and are finding's always nice to be going forward...but sitting still for a moment to gaze at what God's given us is a treasure in's up to us to recognize that sometimes

Quote of the day: i actually don't have one think of something witty and humourous...or something that sounds like something i'd say...which is witty and funny and you can get on with your life
Song of the Moment: Razor by Foo the 2nd disc of In Your good...mmm acoustic goodness

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...HelloGoodbye is pretty sweet someone check them out then thank Thamior...i hope i spelt that right

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Now I've Stolen this from Rodimus

who stole it from LadyChoco, who i belive stole it from Sunshine...i think i don't really know...memory of a goldfish has it's problems...anyways the fantabulous itunes shuffle...mostly cuz i have nothing to say at this point in we go i'll explain the library, put on shuffle, press play switch song sfor each new category and don't try to be cool...mostly cuz i know that i'm not cool...even though i play guitar...i'm not cool here we go

Opening Credits(Dec 6, 1986)- The Montster is Loose by thought that went without saying

Waking Up(11:54am)-Everybody's Changing by Keane...i guess somedays you wake up and everyone has changed

First Day at School(Sept of 1991)- Brain Damage by Pink Floyd...that's what 16 years of school does to a kid...holy cow have i really been in school for 16 years...i think i'm going to be sick

Falling in Love(2ce)- Angel by Shaggy...that's right i have Shaggy in my library...whatcha going to do about's the only song by him in there though i swear

Fight Song(Ongoing)- Give up the Grudge by Gob...mmm punk rock...can anyone saying getting the frustration

Breaking Up(Feb 2)- Take it Away by The CD out on tuesday...going to pick it up...mostly cuz i can't listen to a couple of my old CDs right now

Formal(Nov of 2004)- Under Pressure by The Used and My Chemical Romance...i swear that this in on shuffle...although one is at the beginning of the CD...the other is at the end

Final Battle(yet2come)- The Rest of My Life by The Early November...hopefully win that one...or there won't a lot of "the rest of my life"...if you get my meaning

The Hero Falls(yet2come)- Doc Ock Suite by Danny Elfman...i think that says it all

Funeral(yet2come)- The Jetset Life is Going to Kill You by My Chemical we know how i die

Ending Credits(yet2come)- If Everyone Cared by Nickelback

Quote of the Day: "if everyone cared and nobody cried, if everyone loved and nobody lied, if everyone shared and swallowed their pride..." i guess that's asking for too much sometimes
Song of the Moment(at random): When I Go Down by Relient K...hopefully i get back up again

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean never know when you're going to get knocked down