Monday, January 22, 2007

I Like Tag...but Red Rover was way cooler

Never b4 did i realize how much blood the human body holds...well until i played Red Rover...but now i 've been tagged to say 6 random things about myself...alright i'll play your game (shakes fist) this will be fun

1) I'm currently ripping "The Breakfast Club" soundtrack...that movie has moer teen angst then i could ever wish to have...i bet those kids still have teen angst

2) All i will need to graduate next year is my capstone and choir...meaning i'm going to take a lot of courses i don't need...i always wanted to take some more english and poli sci classes anyway

3) I have my new guitar picked out right now i just need to go pick it up...and i've been trying to think of a name for it for days now...but i think Orlando need a little sister

4) I've decided that at some point in my life i'll record a completely solo album...even if i record it on a computer and sell only one copy...i'll buy one for a

5) I have a musical sin...i like Fort's hiphop/rap from Mike Shinoda of Linkin's the beat it gets me everytime...i've been listening to it the entire time i've been writing this...alright i'll go find some emo punk

6) i've been to over 30 concerts and own ZERO memorabilia from those Rodimus you don't have to feel bad...Cosby has less than you

Quote of the Day: "Somtimes not finishing your thought can be a..." Randy Bachman...if you don't know who that is ask your parents they'll know...if you know awesome...if you don't don't feel bad
Song of the Moment: High Road by Fort Minor...mmm musical sin...almost as good as Backstreet Boys...oop did i type that out

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...i heard wood stainer is impossible to get out of your clothing

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Somethings Go Without Saying

Which is probably for the best in my case...Hi my name is Muffin and i'm a Nonsensaholic...that's right i'm an over drinker of the old Nonsenseahol...for those of that don't realize what that don't know me very well...i have no problem with fact i enjoy doing it...preferably with other people...i've been known to talk to myself from time to time...i even talk to myself when other around...but that's after i've been taking my Nonsensahol...but i'm babbling...let me get to my point...or was i...anywho

Sometimes when i talk i say dumb things...some people reading this are asking "he says smart things?"...yes i do...mostly when i'm talking to myself...but i guess you'll have to take my word for that...i say things that call people by the wrong name...or by a term i never thought i'd use for that person in my life...i called my girlfriend the name of a character on a TV show that's right...and i felt horrible...for those of you that are wondering it was Peyton off of One Tree Hill...I don't know why i added that incriminating evidence but there it is...and in this blog there's no deleties...if i write it's there...and i continue to ramble...what was i talking about...oh yeah

So next time you're talking to me and you wonder what is this guy on...the answer is simple...Nonsensahol...and i'm sorry ladies but this can only be given to guys cuz let's face it we need an excuse...cuz we all know that girls make sense all of the time...right?...girls never say something that doesn't make's not in their nature...but to the guys watch out for the ladies' mood swings...cuz that mixed with Nonsensahol is dangerous it's like putting me behind the wheel of a standard out...anywho when i started writing this blog i was like this will be short i don't have much to say...yeah right...well i'm out and good night

Quote of the Day: "A broken heart is something i'd never wish on my worst enemy...but Gonasyphaherpallyes that's another question..." the guy off of Tripping the idea what his name is
Song of the Moment: Gibberish by Relient K...i can sing along...well i could once...maybe i still can i'm not sure

Thank You Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...cuz you never know when Nonsensahol and a Mood Swing might hit...although i'd like to watch that channel over the Weather Channel...wouldn't you?...and i think it's more practical

Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Semester

Welcome back to the cold...if you missed the minus 20 temperature over the Christmas break...then you're in for a treat...but if you're like me and walk across that front lawn at least once a day then you hate it...and i was at home in a place where it was plus 13 when i hear that Alberta a temperature that you can still feel your toes is ok...even if you're taking after Ontario it's ok...i want warm weather

This is the semester of my minor...taking 3 religion courses and math...i count Hebrew as a religion class...for those of you that are in it or taken it...or hurt me complain about'll understand why...cuz context is (insert answer here)...thankfully Hebrew doesn't start til next week...i'm waiting for a small controlled fire to break out in that room...just so i can get a change of scenery for a dead language...really going on a 4th semester in the same room taking a dead torture...i never want to enter that room after this year...but because God has a sense of humour i'm sure i will

People are back now and school is getting back into the swing of's funny isn't come back from a 3 week break at home and not only are you different but so is everyone else...and as of this year i've decided that home is a word that changes in defintion as you get older...i say that mostly cuz i'm not sure i want to call Kitchener home anymore...there are people there i like to see...but the majority of the people there have put a stab wound in me in some shape or i call residence home...this is what i've decided

Quote of the day: "it'll be like WEEEEEEE!!!" Jordan...talking about courses he's got lined up...phys ed, religion and drama...i want his schedule
Song of the Moment: All for You by Our Lady the live album that was recorded in good

Thank you Come Again
Stay Clean Kids...One Tree Hill is back and the drama is intense...Chris Keller is the bomb