Friday, January 11, 2008

How many times can i be hit before i get knocked many times knocked down before i lose the many fights do i lose before i many times before i win a many times before i win a fight

i feel like i'm continuously uprooted...should it always be this way...all i want is to find a spot to put my roots once and for more more shots...but maybe that's asking too much


song of the moment: rough draft by yellowcard

thank you come again
stay clean kids

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year?

i went to bed and everything was ok it was 2008...a year of promise...a year that had not yet opened itself to me...a year of oppurtunity...i woke up and i took a shot to the chest that i was unprepared for

this year that was supposed to be the year of me finally getting all this shit figured out is going to end up being like all the rest...another trek through the mud that seems to be endless to me...oh why does this have to happen to me...don't i deserve a break...don't i get an excape...or am i still being punished for past mistakes

all of my resolutions have already been i have a new one...not to let this year end up like all the rest

song of the moment: Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against

thank you come again
stay clead kids...cuz this year has lots of dirt to dish out